"The Deshawn Raw Project" Executive Produced by Chris Rock Casting Call and Auditions

Are you a fan of Chris Rock? Did you love his previous show "Everybody Hates Chris?" Well Chris Rock is back for a new TV series. This is a great opportunity for all aspiring actors, models, and talents! For a show Executive produced by Chris Rock, we are seeking SAG-AFTRA union females for the following principal roles with speaking lines: Jeff Olan Casting & Productions is seeking for the role of Grandmother, AA female, 60s to 70s, she is a church-going woman who chides her grandchild to going to church. Jeff Olan Casting & Productions are seeking for the role of Mother, AA females, in her 40s, who nags her son.Jeff Olan Casting & Productions are seeking for the role of Haley Druthers, a Sally Struthers parody character, a Caucasian female in her 50s to 60s, blonde hair on the larger side, who acts sweet on camera and mean off-camera.
Casting Breakdown
This would shoot sometime between Nov 11th and Nov 13th in Rancho Cucamonga.To be considered, they are seeking reels, links to videos and headshots that we can submit to the director. Videos and reels preferred. Please submit to [email protected] with the title “Chris Rock Project” and the name of the role you are submitting for.
Casting Update
Working on the pilot, the Deshawn Raw Project, executive produced by Chris Rock, working Sunday, November 11th in Rancho Cucamonga, we are seeking females, all ethnicities, ages 18 to 32, to be in bikinis willing to get into a pool. The rate is $150/8/ To be considered, please send pictures of yourself in bikinis to [email protected] with the subject line "Bikini."
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