Now Casting for a Trey Songz Music Video Various Roles Available!

Casting Directors are now casting for a Trey Songz Music Video they are considering various roles with compensation exceeding $200.00. This is a great opportunity for all aspiring talents that are interested in making new connections in the industry. Casting Breakdown Waitress in Diner – African American or Hispanic female. Ages: 20-28 yrs. Beautiful, attractive girls. Works as a waitress at a diner and lives a struggling life filled with economic woes and hardships. Wardrobe: Short black skirt and white blouse. Rate: $300.00
Diner Manager – Caucasian or African American male. Ages: 40-50 yrs. Is an angry manager and tends to yell at his employees. Wardrobe: Slacks and a button down shirt. Rate: $100.00Party Girls – African American or Hispanic. Ages: 20- 28 yrs. Beautiful, attractive fun party girls. Wardrobe: Form fitting party dress and heels. Rate: $200.00 Party Guys - African American or Hispanic. Ages: 20- 28 yrs. Good looking fun party guys. Wardrobe: Club/Party attire. Rate: $100.00 Barrio Guys – Hispanic. Ages 25 – 30 yrs. Wardrobe: “barrio” street attire. Rate: $100.00 Bus Driver – African American or Hispanic. Ages 40 – 50 yrs. Wardrobe: Button down and slacks. Rate: $100.00 Street vendor flower lady – African American or Hispanic. Age: 50 – 60 yrs. Wardrobe: Flowing skirt or dress. Rate: $100.00 Extras of all types, $100   Email to: [email protected]