New Record Broken for Walking Dead Season 4

the_walking_dead_season_4_20130928_1239811052AMC's The Walking Dead broke a record with their first episode of season 4.

Most of us are not surprised that the zombie drama broke a new overwhelming record. Nearly 16.1 millions viewers tuned into watch, The Walking Dead! Adult viewers even rated the show an 8.2, which is 30 percent higher than last season, which was season three. The AMC network claims that The Walking Dead has captured more viewers than any sports telecast this season. We don’t know if that’s true, but it is possible! The episode that premiered Sunday was the highest rated episode in the history of the series. With an expected Walking Dead spin-off, it seems as though they will have a 16 million+ viewers patiently waiting for their next installment. Leave us a comment below letting us know what you think about the first episode and The Walking Dead series!