Netflix's 'EVERYTHING SUCKS' Open Casting Call

Everything Sucks is now casting talent in Portland, Oregon.

Marinella Hume Casting is now hiring background extras to work on the new Netflix series Everything Sucks in Portland, Oregon. Casting directors are looking for people to play thrift store owners, employees, high school students and other featured roles. Filming will shoot next week in Portland.

About Everything Sucks:

The dream of the ’90s is alive on Netflix. The streaming service has ordered 10 episodes of Everything Sucks!, a new series exploring the various intersections of high school misfits in 1996 Oregon. To audition for a role in Everything Sucks, check out the casting call breakdown below.

Everything Sucks Casting Call

THRIFT STORE OWNER - Male, ages 40's-60's. Any ethnicity. Must have a good disgruntled scowl. Put "THRIFT STORE OWNER" in subject line. Scheduled to work Thursday, July 13th.  Will shoot in Oregon City area.   THRIFT STORE CUSTOMERS - Men & Women, ages 20-40. Any ethnicity. Put "CUSTOMERS" in subject line. Scheduled to work Thursday, July 13th. Will shoot in Oregon City area.   FEATURED GIRLFRIEND - Female, 18-27. Any ethnicity.Must be OK with making out with another female. Put "GIRLFRIEND" in subject line.  Scheduled to work July 24th and July 25th. Will shoot in Portland area.   CONCERT SECURITY - Male, ages 20's-40's. Any ethnicity. Bouncer type. Put "SECURITY" in subject line. Scheduled to work July 24th & July 25th. Will shoot in Portland area.   MAINTENANCE MAN - Male, ages 45-65. Any ethnicity. Put "MAINTENANCE" in subject line. Scheduled to work July 25th. Will shoot in Portland area.   CONCERT GOERS - Males & Females, ages 18-40,  hip & trendy, punky, burnout, & rocker types. Put "CONCERT GOER" in subject line. Scheduled to work July 24th, July 25th, and July 26th. Will shoot in Portland area.     IF YOU HAVE WORKED ON THE SHOW ALREADY AS A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT, please RESUBMIT IF YOU ARE AVAILABLE. HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS over 18 - Scheduled to work August 3rd. Put "18+ ALUM" in subject line.   HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS under 18 - Scheduled to work August 2nd, August 3rd, and August 4th. Talent may only work 1-2 days.  Put "MINOR ALUM" in subject line.     PLEASE SEND YOUR SUBMISSIONS TO:   [email protected]   IMPORTANT PLEASE READ - PAY ATTENTION. ANY SUBMISSION THAT DOESN'T FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS MAY BE IGNORED. To be considered please read the following instructions and send an email to the appropriate project you are submitting for with the below information:   Include the following information: Name: Age Range: (if under 18, please denote age) Contact Phone Number: Location: Email: Height: Weight: Waist: Inseam: Shoe: Jacket: (males) Bust: (females) Hips: (females) Blouse/Dress Size: (females) Make/Model/Year/Color of Vehicle: PLEASE NOTE ANY TATTOOS YOU HAVE AND LOCATION OF TATTOOS. If you have No tattoos, simply write "no tattoos". THIS--------->    We shoot Monday thru Friday,  expect 12+ hour shoots . Not all days will be this long, but you should always be prepared to be there for the entire duration of the shoot day. Please keep that in mind when accepting a booking. You cannot leave to pick up kids, walk dog, doctor's appointments, etc. ALL SUBMISSIONS Please Including 4 Photos of yourself TAKEN TODAY: - 1 Head and shoulders Shot - 1 Waist up Shot - 1 Full Body Shot - 1 Full Body Side Shot *Photos must be well lit, clear & in focus, no hats, glasses or other props. We must be able to tell the current length and color of hair. **These photos should have been taken recently and MUST reflect exactly what you currently look like. DO NOT SEND IN PICTURES THAT HAVE ANY SORT OF SNAPCHAT or INSTAGRAM filter. While we love the enthusiasm of some of you, it is not necessary to submit multiple times a day or mulitple times for a single role. Thanks!   What do you think? Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.

If you are not local and/or do not fit the description, do not apply

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