NBC Television Series 'Revolution' Casting Call in Austin, Texas

Producers and casting directors for NBC Television series 'Revolution' are seeking extras in Austin, Texas.

On Location Casting Casting posted a casting call seeking talents to work on Tuesday, January 7, 2014. They are looking for a ton of different types of people to play various roles in the series. However, all talents must be a Texas resident with a proof of residency. The pay is $64/8. If you don’t know NBC’s “Revolution”  the series centers on an american post-apolcaplyse sci-fi drama that takes place 15 years after all electricity ceased to exist. The series was originally created by Eric Kripke and is currently produced by J.J. Abrams, Bad Robot Productions.
AUSTIN, TX Casting Notice - NBC Television series "Revolution" for work on TUESDAY 1/7/14. **PLEASE SHARE and RE-POST to others you know who may be interested in working these scenes* **ONLY able to book those who are NEW FACES and have not previously worked this project!! ---MUST BE A TEXAS RESIDENT with proof of residency (TX Driver's License, TX ID Card, TX Voter's Registration Card, TX College ID) in order to be booked for work on this project--- Pay rate is $64.00 for 8 hours plus overtime paid after 8 hours (if necessary). We do NOT have Call Times yet so it could be a VERY early morning start and/or could possibly shoot late into the evening/night. You MUST have open/flexible availability if submitting so that you can work WHATEVER the call times ends up being. If not, please DO NOT SUBMIT! Location is in the AUSTIN, TX area. *EXTRAS* URBAN COMMUTERS: male and female, all ethnicities, age range 19-65, variety of city types going to/from work SUITED EXECUTIVES: male, all ethnicities, age range 30-60, clean-cut, conservative, professional, should have your own suits (men) and business attire (women) JOGGERS/RUNNERS: male and female, all ethnicites, age range 19-40, fit, athletic, should be an avid runner/jogger who doesn't mind doing it over & over in a scene BIKE MESSENGERS: male and female, all ethnicities, age range 18-35, fit, prefer REAL bike messengers who have their own gear (clothing, helmet, bike, etc). Will consider others if you have a bike and are an experienced rider with some biking clothing LOITERERS: male and female, all ethnicities, age range 18- 80, down and out types, interesting looks BEARDED COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS: male, all ethnicities, age range 26-45, computer programmer types with a FULL BEARD To submit for work - Please EMAIL US ASAP to: [email protected] with subject line TUESDAY BOOKING. You MUST include your first & last name and a contact number. MUST also have a recently updated (within the past 6 months) talent profile in the OLC database. Please specify if you fit into a particular category (i.e; you have bike experience, you have suits, you're a runner, etc.) although we will choose the role we feel you are best suited for. **PLEASE DO NOT send more than one email!! We MAY not get back to everyone with a booking until Monday 1/6/14. Be sure you are checking your email regularly if you submit!! PLEASE DO NOT email if you don't fit these casting requirements or are not available on the listed work date!! Thanks! **PLEASE DO NOT CALL OUR OFFICE ABOUT THIS BOOKING unless specifically requested!!** If you do not have a profile with us, please go and complete a Talent Application before sending email that you are available. It is FREE to register and you do not have to have a paid 'active' account in order to be booked for work.
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