National Geographic Docu-Drama Casting Call for Several Lead Roles in Toronto

Casting directors for National Geographic are currently seeking actors for several roles in a Documentary.

"Gold: The Eternal Quest" a new documentary series on the National Geographic is currently looking for actors in the Toronto, area to audition for roles in the upcoming docu-drama. Morgan Casting posted a casting call looking for actors to send a photo, demo reel, or self-taped audition for the first round of auditions. Filming will start on the first week of August 18, 2014. Talents that are selected will be compensated $200/day.

For more details, check out the casting call below:

National Geographic Casting Call

Documentary - Docu Drama
Approx 2 hrs. - National Geographic USA


PLEASE NOTE we are shooting and casting in TORONTO Only Canadians or legal residents to Canada need apply. We are not booking or flying anyone in from the States for this job. The rate per day is $200.  Casting Director: Matthew Morgan, CDC Auditions: By photo, reel, or self tape for 1st round Audition Location: TBA Toronto Callbacks: TBA - live session with top candidates only to meet the creative team. Shoot Date: Shooting commences week of Aug. 18, 2014 Rate: $200.00/day Location: Toronto Email a photo and resume to [email protected] along with your best contact information + city where you live in Canada. Please title your email with "your name" for GOLD Let us know the character for which you are best suited in the body of your message. The rate is once again $200/ day. 1 day only / person NOTE: This is a narrated film about the quest for gold over the ages. Looking for good performers. Think historical reenactment. All talent must be NON-UNION. All Roles are SOC – most characters needed one day only. Talent Specs - Please google historical names for photo reference SHOW OPEN [PROSPECTOR> Character is traveling west across the US towards California in 1849. Male. late 30’s to early 60’s with a grizzled appearance and a beard. He’s a hard working, hard living type of person. No tattoos or modern haircuts. May be walking beside a horse so should be comfortable with animals (will not be riding). NATHANSON – “X” MARKS THE SPOT [MARK NATHANSON] Successful businessman in his mid 40’s. Founded the company IAMGOLD. This story takes place in the 1980’s, no tattoos or modern haircuts. The photo given in the reference PRF is from present day so please age 20 or so years younger. Google photo. [ELDER SADIOLA VILLAGER #1] A black male in his 60’s. Should look wise as the village elder from a small West African village who tells Nathanson about a mining tragedy. No modern haircuts or tattoos. [AFRICAN TRANSLATOR] A black male in his 30’s, no modern haircuts or tattoos. He’s interpreting the story from village elder to Nathanson about mining accident. MANSA MUSA – THE RICHEST OF THEM ALL [MANSA MUSA] A tall, larger than life black male in his mid 40’s. He’s the King of Mali and should look proud and powerful. He takes a pilgrimage across the desert to Cairo and will be riding a horse. No tattoos or modern haircuts, but should have a beard (not shaggy but well kept). We are open to men with no beards as well. Please do not limit. PETER MUNK – THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN TOUCH [PETER MUNK] White European male during the 1940’s. He escapes the Holocaust with his family but his mother is left behind. He is 16 years old and described as having pale skin, brownish hair and blue eyes. Although Jewish he was said to be able to pass as German. The reference photo is Munk at age 20. Please google his image. [MUNK FATHER] White European male during the 1940’s. He escapes along with his son. Should be in his 40’s and have a similar look to his son. Having pale skin, brownish hair and blue eyes. Note. Open to other eye colours as well. [MUNK MOTHER] White European female during the 1940’s. She does not escape the Nazi concentration camps. She is pulled away by two Nazi’s from her son. She should be mid 30’s. [ADOLPH EICHMANN] White German male who is head of the Nazi Concentration Camps. Image is accurate to date and appearance. Pronounced nose and ears are good. - Google photo. NAZI GOLD [GEN. EISENHOWER] White male in his mid 50’s. He’s the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces. No tattoos or modern haircuts. Caucasian Male. Receding hair line and distinguished face. Around 5’9’ to 6’ - he was 5’10.5” Google photo. [GENERAL PATTON] White male in his late 50’s. He should look a little rougher and larger than Eisenhower. No tattoos or modern haircuts. Caucasian male. Google photo. PIZARRO & THE INCA GOLD [PIZARRO] He is the leader of the Spanish Conquistadors and leads the expedition and eventual battle into what is now Peru. A white European or Spanish looking male in his late 50’s with a prominent black beard. He should have a strong build and with a commanding look to him. Must be able to ride a horse. Any long hipster beards would be great, but please do not limit. [PRIEST / MONK] Male monk in his 50’s or 60’s. He should be bald or with hair only on the sides of his head. No tattoos. He should have a classic European look or slightly Spanish look. He will give last rights to Pizarro, Atahualpa and also first approach Atahualpa before battle. [PRIEST TRANSLATOR] Young male with long black hair and South American look. Should be noticeably shorter than a Spaniard. He is a captured Inca who is translating from Atahualpa to the priest / monk. 20s. [SPANISH ENVOY MEMBER] White male in his 30’s or 40’s. Should have a black beard or moustache and European looking. No tattoos, no modern haircuts. [RUNNER INCA] Young male with long black hair and South American look. Should be noticeably shorter than a Spaniard. He will have to run through forest to tell his king about the approaching Spanish, so should be in good shape. No tattoos. [ATAHUALPA] King of the Inca. Atahualpa is in his early 30’s with long black hair and a South American look. He should be noticeably bigger than the other Inca. If the look is right we can work with adding longer hair. Note: Inca were peoples of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, northern Argentina a central Chile and southern Colombia. CIVIL WAR GOLD HOAX [JOSEPH HOWARD] White male in his 30’s with a classic look. This story takes place during the Civil War but Joseph is a newspaper man, so he’s not fighting in any battles. No tattoos and should look like picture. Receding hair. Longer in Back. Van Dyke beard would be great, but please do not limit. Google photo. BRINKS-MAT ROBBERY [ANTHONY BLACK] White male in his 40’s with a large mustache. He is the inside man in the robbery so should be nervous and squirmy during questioning by police and during raid. Google photo. [BRIAN ROBINSON] White male in his 40’s. He should be slightly larger in build with blond hair. He will carry out the raid and is related to Anthony Black, and the brains in the operation. Google photo. [MICKEY MCAVOY] White male in his 30’s, he is thin but tough. He will have to strike a guard in the head with his pistol. He’s the ‘wildman’ of the bunch. Please note this picture was taken from a film of the events. Google photo. [KENNETH NOYE] Late 30’s white male. He is a rich and successful criminal in the London underground. He has black hair. Photo is from his mug shot. Google photo. [BRINKS GUARD #1] White male in his 30’s or 40’s with a larger build. He will be one of the key holders for the vault and will be told to open with a gun to his head. Must act terrified. [BRINKS GUARD #2] White male in his 40’s with a slightly smaller build. He will have liquid dumped on him and a match lit by his head. Must act terrified. [DETECTIVE] A white male in his 40’s with a stronger build. He will lead the interrogation of Anthony Black.

If you are not local and/or do not fit the description, do not apply

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