MTV TRUE LIFE: I'm Having Second Thoughts Nationwide Casting Call

Are you having second thoughts about a major life changing decision that you've made -- and this plan is something that a lot of people are counting on you to follow through with?

Are you engaged or recently married but are realizing that this not the right person for you and want to back out? Are you planning on moving cross country with your significant other but are now having second thoughts? Have you promised that you'll take over the family business but know your destiny lies elsewhere and want to pursue those dreams? Have you decided to convert your religion because of your significant other but you're realizing it may not be right for you? MTV is looking for people who are in the process of making a major life decision but are suddenly having second thoughts, do you think you'll have the courage to stop your decisions, and disappoint your friends and family, in order to follow your heart? To apply, you must appear to be the ages of 18 to 29 and having second thoughts about your situation email MTV Casting producers at [email protected]Please include your name, story, location, PHONE NUMBER, and photograph.