MTV Teen Talk Show is Now Casting Talents for a New Pop Culture Series

MTV is now casting for a new talk show and they are looking for people with big personalities and opinions.

Are you a pop culture sponge? Can you name all of Katy Perry's ex-boyfriends but are equally well-versed in CNN's headlines? Are you extremely opinionated when it comes to politics but just as intense when discussing award show outfits? Are you constantly commenting on random blogs, tumblrs, and Instagrams? Can you spot a trend from a mile away and rock it before the masses inevitably ruin it? Do you get re-pinned, re-blogged, or reamed out by random strangers online? Have you tried every fitness trend from kale shakes to soul-searching cycling? MTV CASTING CALL   Are you an expert in the unspoken rules of selfies, texting, and app dating? Do your girlfriends trust your no-nonsense, tough love approach to everything from cutting your hair to crushes? Does your over-the-top opinion get you in trouble with everyone from your BFFs to boys to bosses but you can't help but talk constantly? To be considered, please send an email to [email protected] and include contact info, a recent photo and a description of why your unfiltered voice needs to be heard.