Models Photo Shoot Casting Call for HSN in Florida

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Photo shoot casting call for models in Florida.

The Diamond Agency is currently seeking models for a before and after casting call. These casting calls are not live shows but, the purpose of the photo shoot is to show product results "before" and "after" on models. Talents will be compensated between $90 to $150 per show. For more details, check out the casting call break down below:

Casting Room: Blue meeting room at HSN

This is a B&A (Before and After Photo Casting). These are not live shows. B&A photos are shot in one half day. The purpose is to show product results "before" and "after" on models. B&A Shoots Generally Pay In The Range of $90-$150 per show (Depending on Vendor) If booked, this B&A will shoot : TBD Models cannot have done another skincare line B/A or live show in the past 6 months. Model must go to the call with NO MAKEUP and NO MOISTURE on their faces. Don't use any skincare products that day. They need very dry looking skin, in need of moisture. Products: JENU Skincare Tool Model description:
  • Female models ages:  35+
  • Light to medium wrinkles
  • No under eye circles
  • Puffiness
DRESS: Nice, Upscale Casual IMPORTANT REMINDER: Models are not permitted to bring Children or any additional people with them to the casting or on property. If anyone needs to drop models off, they will have to wait for them in the car across the street off campus.  

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