Mini Pop Kids is Now Casting

 Mini Pop Kids is now casting in Canada. 

Casting directors are now casting singers to work and join Mini Pop Kids to be filmed in Canada.

  • Boys and girls (ages 9-13), of all ethnicities, who can sing and dance 

  • pop sound / Hip Hop style movement (acro/breakdance tricks are a plus). 

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Seeking kid dancers and singers to join Mini Pop Kids.

"The #1 music brand for kids in Canada is searching for new talent. Selected hopefuls will represent the brand in commercials, music videos, album recording(s), live touring shows/appearances, and so much more! 

  • We are looking for boys and girls (ages 9-13), of all ethnicities, who can sing and dance 
  • looking for a pop sound / Hip Hop style movement (acro/breakdance tricks are a plus). 

This is a highly visible role that is part of a classical training program where the selected talent learns the basis of being a pop star, in addition to professional training for acting, live performances, and film opportunities. All rehearsals take place in the GTA. 

All participants in the Mini Pop Kids are allowed to pursue outside opportunities as long as they are not a direct conflict with the brand. Current members are in Netflix shows, broadcast television, commercials, and film while in the program. Past Mini Pop Kids have gone on to achieve North American success as artists, actors, and influencers for some of the world's biggest names. 

Refer to the MINI POP KIDS online content on YouTube and Spotify for further clarification on the caliber of talent we are seeking, along with the style of music and dance styles we are looking for in the audition videos."

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How to Be a Good Singer Tips

Singing is a skill that anyone can learn. However, becoming a good singer takes time, practice, and dedication. The following tips will help you become a good singer:

  1. Find your vocal range. Knowing your vocal range is essential for choosing the right songs to sing and avoiding strain on your voice. To find your vocal range, you can take a singing test or have a vocal coach assess your range.
  2. Warm up your voice before singing. Just as athletes warm up their muscles before competing, singers must warm up their voices before singing. Warming up helps prevent strain on your vocal cords and makes it easier to hit the high notes.
  3. Proper breathing is essential for good singing. When you breathe properly, you use your diaphragm instead of taking shallow breaths from your chest. It allows you to project your voice more effectively and prevents you from running out of breath while singing.
  4. Use proper posture when singing. Good posture helps you project your voice more effectively and prevents strain on your vocal cords. Stand up straight with your shoulders back and your chest open.
  5. Enunciate your words when singing. It means that you should pronounce each word clearly and precisely. It will help ensure that your lyrics are understandable and that your voice sounds clear and pleasant.
  6. Experiment with different techniques. There are many other techniques that singers use to improve their sound. Some standard methods include vibrato, falsetto, and belting. Experiment with different strategies to find the ones that work best for you.
  7. Practice, practice, practice! The only way to become a good singer is to practice regularly. Find a quiet place where you can sing without distractions or interruption. Then, practice singing scales, vocal exercises, and songs within your vocal range.
  8. Get professional help. To become a professional singer, you should consider taking singing lessons from a qualified vocal coach. A vocal coach can help you develop proper technique, expand your vocal range, and choose the right songs to showcase your talents.
  9. Be patient. Becoming a good singer takes time and practice. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results immediately. Stick with it, and eventually, you will start seeing and hearing the progress you’ve made.

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