Mila Kunis Stand-IN Casting Call for Jupiter Ascending

Mila KunisCasting directors are currently seeking a female stand-in for Mila Kunis in Chicago for the upcoming movie, Jupiter Ascending.

Atmosphere Casting of Chicago posted a casting call seeking a stand-in for Mila Kunis to work in the upcoming movie, Jupiter Ascending starring Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis.
Atmosphere Casting is currently seeking an actress that similarly meets Mila Kunis look, size and acting ability to work as her stand-in.
Jupiter Ascending is an upcoming Sci-Fi feature film that is written, produced, and directed by The Wachowskis. The movie is set in the distant future, and follows a janitor played by Mila Kunis, who learns that she has a great genetic destiny.
Mila Kunis plays Jupiter Jones, an unlucky Russian immigrant who cleans toilets for a living. She has a regular boring life, until she meets Caine (Channing Tatum), an interplanetary warrior whom the Queen of the Universe ordered to kill Jupiter. Caine ends up telling Jupiter that she has mark to become the universe's next leader.
The Wachowskis, or The Wachowski brothers are known for their work on The Matrix, V for Vendetta and Speed Racer. Their most recent work is Cloud Atlas.
Still interested? See the Casting Call Information below:

Mila Kunis Stand-In Casting Call for Jupiter Ascending

Atmosphere Casting of Chicago recently posted the following casting call on their Facebook Page for the upcoming feature film Jupiter Ascending:


Height: 5'4"

Measurements: 34B - 28 - 32 Shoe: 8-9 Please note her SKIN TONE and the shape of her face...these are important. They want a very close physical match in all aspects for Ms Kunis. To submit:  IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY REGISTERED WITH ATMOSPHERE - Please send an email to [email protected].com with "STAND IN -MILA" in the Subject line. In the email, include your full name, phone number, HEIGHT, MEASUREMENTS, SHOE SIZE and a RECENT picture. You should take a picture similar to the one that I have posted, for easier comparison. IF YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED -  Please first register with us before submitting. Registration instructions are located on this page in the "NOTES" section. Once you have registered, you may submit as described above. If you submit and you are not registered, I will delete your email. Stand Ins will be required to work nearly every filming date between July 15 - through mid August. Most work will be done in Chicago, but you MUST have RELIABLE transportation because there will be several days in the south Joliet area.