Michael Bay's 'Almanac' Casting Call for Basketball Players in Atlanta

Casting directors are currently casting extras for Michael Bay’s Almanac filming in Atlanta, Georgia.

Michael Bay has to be  busy. Between filming Transformers Sequel, he is producing another project, Almanac, also known as “Cinema One”. OLV, recently reported that Michael Bay is currently producing Almanac in Atlanta and background casting for this project will be helmed by CL Casting. Like most of Michael Bay’s projects, little is known about Almanac. But, The Hollywood Reporter, recently pointed out that there are two major competing time travel movies. “Almanac is one of two competing found footage projects that has time travel at its core. DreamWorks is making Glimmer, and earlier this week THR reported that Shameless star Jeremy Allen White was the first person to board that production. Both projects are attempting to keep a tight a lid on their respective details. It is known, however, that Glimmer revolves around a time portal while Almanac centers on the creation of a time machine.” Also, Almanac has a budget of $12 million dollars versus Dreamwork’s “Glimmer” that has a whomping $15 million dollar budget. Almanac is directed by Dean Israelite and written by Andrew Stark and Jason Pagan, two first time writers.

Almanac Casting Call Information

  • Caucasian Male that can dunk a basketball. Seeking ages 18-Early 20's.
  • Looking for 5'11 and taller. This is for the feature film, "Almanac".
  • Please submit 3 pictures, your height, weight, age, and phone number to [email protected]
  • Subject: Basketball

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