"Marble City" Starring Nicholas Cage Casting Supporting Roles

[Louisiana>Mickey Rourke and Nicholas Cage are teaming up for an action revenge thriller entitled Marble City. Director Ryuhei Kitamura promises that this upcoming film is “vengeance on a road filled with rage, bullets and ultra violence,” in a mixture between Drive and Kill Bill. Marble City is one of those movies that has been around Hollywood for several years. In 2006 it was prepared for DMX, until he was later sent to prison for criminal charges. Then DMX was replaced by Ving Rhames. The director at the time was going to be Jim Vickers, a stunt coordinator in movies such as Mr & Mrs Smith and Hancock; On a side note he was a kidnap consultant on Borat. The film was later scrapped. Director Kitamura, who landed this opportunity made several movies and is well known around the Japanese film circuit. Many argue that Ryuhei’s vision of action filmmaking is truly unique and this upcoming film will be filled with high octane, and will be a smart action picture. Casting Directors are now casting various roles to support the main actors in the film. Principal Actor Casting Information The Gersh Agency Shannon Makhanian 9465 Wilshire Blvd 6th Fl Beverly Hills, CA 90212 USA