Maple Leaf Foods Campaign Casting Call

Calling all Canadian kids: Maple leaf foods campaign casting call in Canada.

Maple Leaf Foods is hunting for some truly unique and surprising moments captured on camera! If you're a proud parent of a child between the ages of 4 and 11 who loves to do odd, peculiar, and unexpected things, this is the casting call you've been waiting for. Get ready to showcase your little one's incredible talents and personality in an exciting user-generated content campaign for Maple Leaf Foods. Read on to find out more about this fantastic opportunity!

Maple Leaf Foods is searching for natural and existing photos or videos of children caught in those unique moments that make you smile, scratch your head, and marvel at their creativity. They want to capture those instances when kids surprise us with their quirky behaviors, leaving parents pleasantly puzzled and grinning from ear to ear. If you've ever thought, "Wow, my child is just so delightfully weird!" this casting call is perfect for you!

To be considered for this exciting campaign, your child must be between ages 4 and 11. It's all about celebrating the unique qualities that make each child special, so no specific theme or activity is required. Whether it's a funny dance routine, an unexpected talent, or a creative experiment, the goal is to showcase the diversity of Canadian kids and their boundless imagination.

Selected participants will receive an impressive payment of $1,500.00 per video or photo. Not only will your child have a chance to shine, but you'll also have a little extra cash in your pocket! Remember that this is a non-union campaign, and real parents are encouraged to submit their existing photos or videos.

Participating in this casting call is as easy as one, two, or three! Simply gather your existing photos or videos that capture your child's surprising moments. Make sure they truly reflect the unique and unexpected side of your little one. Then, submit your entry via the provided channels, following the instructions on the Maple Leaf Foods website.

Read the submission guidelines carefully to ensure your entry meets the requirements. Remember, the competition might be fierce, so put your best foot forward and let your child's individuality shine through!

Maple Leaf Foods' casting call for their user-generated content commercial is a fantastic opportunity for Canadian parents to showcase their child's odd, peculiar, and surprising moments. It's a chance to celebrate the delightful quirks and talents that make our children special and create lasting memories for the family and viewers alike. So, if you've got some existing photos or videos that capture your child's unique charm, take advantage of this incredible chance to be part of the Maple Leaf Foods campaign. Get ready to be puzzled and smile while earning $1,500.00 per video or photo! Submit your entries today and let your child's star shine bright on the Maple Leaf Foods stage!

How to apply?

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Maple Leaf Foods Campaign Casting Call


Videos or Photos of Children doing ‘surprising’ things across Canada for a UGC (user generated content) Maple Leaf Foods commercial!

What does ‘surprising’ mean? Great question!

We’re looking for:

Natural, existing photos/videos of children doing things that are odd, peculiar, weird and unexpected.

Stuff that catches you as parents off guard, and leaves you puzzled and smiling.

Children featured in our content should be in the age range of 4-11.

If selected, pay is $1,500.00 per video/photo. This is a non-union campaign, . Real parents are welcome to send in existing photos/videos of their children.

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