Louisiana Local Bank Casting Call for Speaking Roles (Pay is $1,000)

Money Casting Call

Money Casting Call

Local bank commercial casting call in Louisiana.

Morgan Casting is now casting talent for a local back commercial in Louisiana. Filming will shoot on March 25th and talents will be compensated $1,000/person. Casting directors are casting the following roles:
  • CLIENT #6: Female: Looks to be in her 50s to 60s. Hispanic or Asian or “can pass as.”
  • CLIENT #7: Male. Looks to be in his 50s to 60s. Hispanic or Asian or “can pass as.”

How to apply:

CASTING CALL NOLA | PROJECT LOCAL BANK Pays $1000 per person (+ 15% agency fee if represented) Note: This project will be released to all the agencies in the SouthEast on Monday, March 25th
We are seeking non-union actors for a commercial for a local bank in Louisiana. This spot requires 7 talent to speak on camera. Very easy. Just a quick, short line or two. Usage is for a regional commercial, airing in the state of Louisiana + the city of Dallas, TX for 1 year. We are releasing two roles to the general public and opening up our call to any “non-actors,” for we feel these categories will be quite limited and more difficult to find solely in our professional talent pool in the area. Please pass along (and feel free to share this post) with anyone in the community who fits this spec. Nothing to lose. It’s free to try out and pays $1000 if chosen for the job. One has to read a small line or two on camera for the audition. You are welcome to tape yourself at home with your smart phone. There will be a live, in-person callback in New Orleans on Mon. April 1st, if you are chosen to attend. If chosen for the job, you’ll be needed one day only, up to 5 hours max on onset. April 3rd or 4th. Weather day of April 5th. Please suggest ASAP as time is of the essence! If selected, we will be in touch with all audition details. SEEKING: CLIENT #6: Female: Looks to be in her 50s to 60s. Hispanic or Asian or “can pass as.” CLIENT #7: Male. Looks to be in his 50s to 60s. Hispanic or Asian or “can pass as.” Note: For Asian, we are seeking someone of East Asian, South Asian or Southeast Asian backgrounds. (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, Pakistani, Nepalese, Thai, etc.) For Hispanic, we are seeking candidates who orientate from counties who speak Spanish (Mexico, Spain, Peru, Argentina, Guatemala, Honduras, etc.). We are certainly open to those “Mediterranean in look.” Think Brazilian, Portuguese, Greek, Italian, etc, Email a few current photos of yourself to [email protected] SUBJECT LINE: “Your name” for Project Local Bank” In the body of your message, please be sure to include the following info, in addition to attaching a few current photos: 1. Name: 2. Age (or age range): 3. Representation if applicable: 4. Best contact info: 5. City/State in which you currently live: 6. Do you have any on-set experience (not 100% required): Please be sure to send one photo that clearly shows your face (head and shoulders) + one photo that is full length and shows your build. Thanks so much for your time & help! Please pass along to any only you know who might be a great fit for this project! Sincerest thanks! Morgan Casting
Related: How to Find Acting Auditions and Casting Calls Please do not apply, if you are not local or if you do not fit the description. What do you think? Discuss this story with other fans on Instagram @projectcasting

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