'Lotawana' Indie Feature Film Casting Call in Kansas City

Please include a headshot, bio, availability and an online video submission of the reading below, Meet Me in the Morning PROJECT TITLE: LOTAWANA CLASSIFICATION: Independent STATUS: Non-Union (open to union actress for lead) CATEGORY: Feature Film FORMAT: HD DISTRIBUTION: Festival Circuit, International PRODUCERS: Nathan Kincaid and Cori Jo Hawkins WRITER: Trevor Hawkins DIRECTOR: Trevor Hawkins PRODUCTION COMPANY: Mammoth Media PRODUCTION COMPANY WEBSITE: SHOOTING SCHEDULE: 4 weeks in late summer, 1 week in late Fall SHOOTING LOCATION: Kansas City, MO For more information on the project, go to LOGLINE: Our current way of life isn’t the only way it could be. Empty materialism compounded by the constraints of modern culture has pushed the unfulfilled Forrest (Todd Blubaugh) to a voyage of discovery. This resolute young man escapes to nature by living aboard a sailboat on a rural Missouri lake. He is seeking something more, something beautiful, something real. After setting sail on his journey, he promptly catches wind of the rebellious and free-spirited Everly (Mercedes Daugherty), and their idealistic dreams align. As they let go, they fall head first into the ambitious and unprepared idea of leaving the old world far behind. Soon reality hits, and it hits hard. Can they survive and rewrite their own rules of modern existence or will they discover society operates its way for a reason? Adventure isn't comfortable. Adventure isn't safe. Lotawana takes the viewer on a thrilling and romantic inward journey, balancing between the artifice of filmmaking and capturing genuine moments as they happen. Exploring the unpredictability of life’s ethereal wonder, intimate relationships and overwhelming tragedies, this visceral experience is an entirely new take on the “coming of age story” that will stay with you long after it’s over. Remember when you had your whole life ahead of you? Escaping the constraints and empty materialism of modern culture, an unfulfilled and unprepared young couple living aboard a sailboat on a rural Missouri lake are seeking something more, something beautiful, something real. Can they survive and rewrite their own rules of modern existence or will they discover society operates its way for a reason? Lotawana-Poster-1CASTING FOR: EVERLY: Female Lead, Early Twenties (20-25) Everly has an innocent and timeless beauty. She’s artsy, well educated, vulnerable, intelligent, shy at times, anxious about life and impulsive, but ready to face life head on. She’s a dreamer. She knows who she is but struggles with confidence sometimes. She’s never been in love, and longs to, but has never been completely impressed with the guys in her life. She’s free spirited but feels trapped by pressure from a controlling family. She’s bored and is searching for her independence.  Everly knows who she is, but doesn’t know how to act on it to make it happen. Excerpt from “Meet Me in the Morning” ACTION: Character peacefully walks up to a concrete ledge and sits to reflect. The sun starts to peek over the horizon. DIALOGUE: I hate that those were the last words I spoke to her... She died completely out of nowhere... Both of my parents were suppose to grow old. And become my kids grandparents. I never even thought there could be another way... Just when I had everything figured out. I've always cherished sunrises. More than any other time of day. Every morning, there's a heroic battle. Massive, powerful blue sky. Fearless underdog. And every morning, our reigning champion is briefly defeated. And our lives glow the most elegant orange and purple. It's beautiful. And it seems, all this only to wake the world up... But sunrises capture me. They change the way I see. And in these delicate moments, I love. I'm at peace. I understand. But I never witness these battles. I guess only because I never make it a point to. But when I do, they're always so fleeting. I never fully grasp them before they're gone... And today I'm still lost. I guess I was hoping for more of that same understanding. But this sunrise is completely different. Almost unwelcome... Right now, all I know for sure is, even though this is my weakest moment, this is my first morning on my own. And in a strange sick way, could this sunrise be my most beautiful? To apply email: [email protected]

Please do not apply, if you are not local or if you do not fit the description.

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