'Litebook Elite' Commercial Casting Call for Several Roles in Chicago

Casting directors and producers are currently seeking talent for an upcoming commercial filming in Chicago.

4 Star Casting posted a casting call for a light therapy product that helps with sleep and mental sharpness. They are seeking to cast several actors to work on the project. For more details see the following casting call details:
CASTING CALL: Litebook Elite SHOOTING DATE: This will shoot this week or next week ROLE: 1) MOM & TEENAGER- at least one will need to use the Litebook specifically to help improve grades 2) TRAVELER - suffer from jet lag, commuters that barely see the light of day, or people that are going hard in life that need a boost in energy 3) MALE - will be willing to try this product and give a background story to support the change it’s had on your lifeRATE: Effort in exchange for the product and exposure. If selected, you will be featured on a nationally broadcasted infomercial with tons of exposure.REQUIREMENTS: This is a REAL PEOPLE CASTING. In order to submit, you MUST have the above requirements in your REAL LIFE. You are not playing a character, we are looking for people that do/are the above.
ABOUT THE PRODUCT: The Litebook Elite is a light therapy product that helps with sleep, mental sharpness. 20 minutes in the morning with this product and you’re serotonin (feel good chemical produced in your body) boost to their peak giving you a full charge battery so to say to go throughout your day. By doing this you also suppress melatonin (sleep chemical naturally produced by your body) so when it’s time to go to sleep you have a full dose to get a full nights rest. If you are interested and available please send an email to [email protected]. Put the role you are submitting for in the subject line (mom, teenager, traveler, male). Put your name, phone number, height, weight, and age in the body of the email. Attach a recent jpeg photo of yourself. You must Include a bio on you/your life and why you are submitting for the role and how the Litebook Elite would improve your lifestyle.
photo credit: eflon via photopin cc