Lifetime Network's 'Drop Dead Diva' Casting Call for a TON of Extras to Work in Peachtree City, Georgia

Casting directors for Drop Dead Diva are now seeking extras to work on an upcoming episode in Atlanta.

Producers and Casting directors for ‘Drop Dead Diva’ Season 6 are seeking talent to work on the upcoming Lifetime Network series ‘Drop Dead Diva’. Marinella Hume Casting announced today that they are in search of Paid background talent for the Lifetime TV series, Drop Dead Diva. Interested? See the following casting call details below:
  DROP DEAD DIVA NOW CASTING!!! SHOOTING IN PEACHTREE CITY, GA! (45 mins south of Atlanta airport) *READ POST IN FULL* THERE ARE MANY ROLES. TAKE THE TIME TO READ AND INCLUDE ALL OF YOUR INFORMATION LISTED IN THE PARAGRAPH BELOW OR YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. ******Please Submit 3 clear, recent, color pictures. Pictures DO NOT have to be professional, just clear and from a straight angle. The more recent, the better. If you submit photos with multiple hair colors or styles, make sure to note WHICH color and style it is now! No sunglasses or hats on in pictures. Take 3 snapshots if possible, One full body, one waist up, and one headshot. Submit NAME, AGE, HEIGHT, WEIGHT, AVAILABILITY, ALL MEASUREMENTS (Men: pant, shirt neck and sleeve, jacket, shoe; Women: dress, shoe, pants, shirt) AND INCLUDE YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER FOR CONSIDERATION. ******** ***THESE ROLES ARE SCHEDULED TO BEGIN WORK ON FEBRUARY 5TH*** Email for submissions: [email protected] Subject Line: Whatever role you are applying for, listed below. _________________________________ We are looking for JURY TYPES!!! Subject Line: JURY TYPES AGES 23-35, FIT, CLEAN CUT, LADIES DRESS SIZE UP TO 8, MEN PANTS SIZES UP TO 36-38 WAIST, HEIGHT PREFERENCE FOR MEN 5'11-UP, HEIGHT PREFERENCE FOR WOMEN 5'9-UP. ALL ETHNICITIES NEEDED AS WELL! PLEASE APPLY! WE WOULD LOVE TO DISPLAY A GREAT JURY! HISPANIC, INDIAN, CAUCASIAN, AFRICAN AMERICAN ETC. MEN AND WOMEN OF ALL BACKGROUNDS PLEASE APPLY! We are looking for LAW OFFICE TYPES!!! Subject Line: LAW OFFICE TYPES THINK "HIP", "HOT" LOS ANGELES LAW OFFICE! AGES 22-35, Clean Cut, Clean shaven, FIT, ALL Ethnicities! We are looking for COURT TYPES!! Subject Line: COURT TYPES People who would be seen watching a trial. All ethnicities, ages 20-50 preferred. Possible workdate on Tues Feb 4th. Please put availability in your email along with your contact information (cell number). We are looking for JUDGES!! Subject Line: JUDGES All types. If you have an official commanding look like, Sandra Day O' Connor, Judge Joe Brown, Judge Mathis or Judge JUDY. We are looking for ROCK STAR FANS!! Subject Line: ROCK STAR FANS AGES 25-45. THINK NIKKI SIXXX/BON JOVI. IMAGINE WAITING IN HOLLYWOOD OUTSIDE FOR YOUR FAVORITE ROCK STAR/POP STAR/SINGER/BAND TO EXIT THE BACK DOOR TO GET ON THIER BUS AFTER A GREAT SHOW FOR AN AUTOGRAPH!! LOOKING FOR HIP LA ROCK N' ROLL SUPERFAN TYPES OF ALL SHAPES SIZES AND ETHNICITIES TO BE PART OF OUR FAN EXPERIENCE. We are looking for Paparazzi/Reporter Types!! Subject Line: PAPARAZZI/REPORTER BE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE LENSE/MICROPHONE ASKING THE HARD HITTING QUESTIONS AND VYING TO GET THAT PERFECT SHOT! MEN AND WOMEN OF ALL TYPES ENCOURAGED TO APPLY. You do not have to have reporting experience, but it would not hurt. Please list your availability and if you do have experience. All ethnicities are welcome to apply. We are looking for STENOGRAPHERS!! Subject Line: STENOGRAPHER ANYONE THAT HAS REAL EXPERIENCE AS A STENOGRAPHER, PLEASE ALSO LIST IF YOU HAVE EQUIPMENT. If you do not have experience, still feel free to apply, but it is preferred. Also please take photos if you have equipment, as well as submit photos of yourself that adhere to the guidelines at the top of this post. We are looking for LAW ENFORCEMENT/CORRECTIONAL OFFICERS!! Subject Line: LAW ENFORCEMENT/CORRECTIONAL Age 25-45 REAL POLICE OFFICERS, MILITARY PERSONAL AND CORRECTIONAL OFFICERS ENCOURAGED TO APPLY! . People with size 36 pants and 42 jacket or larger. Strong attractive men, with broad shoulders and square jaws. Any young buck types or in shape fit athletic types. We are looking for INMATE TYPES!!! Subject Line: INMATE TYPES EVER WATCHED TRU TV?? WE ARE SEEKING INMATE TYPES! MEN OF ALL BACKGROUNDS PLEASE APPLY! TATTOOS ARE OK, LONG HAIR, BALD, SHAVED HEAD ETC. We are looking for CITY WORKERS!!! Subject Line: CITY WORKERS LOOKING FOR CITY WORKER TYPES THAT YOU WOULD FIND WORKING IN AND AROUND ANY GOVERNMENT BUILDING..YARD LANDSCAPER TYPES, PAINTER TYPES, PLUMBER TYPES, REPAIR MEN TYPES, 5'11 OR TALLER WITH A GOOD FIT BUILD. __________________________________ SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY: Company policy requires that you keep secret all scripts, spoilers, plot twists, show outcomes and all other show information that is not public knowledge. Accordingly: DO NOT post "behind the scenes" photos or video where confidential or proprietary information could be revealed such as design of our sets or the identity of talent, guest actors, etc. DO NOT post any Company material (including scripts, show info, photos, video, etc.) whether published or unpublished. Online and other conduct that violates the Company's policies or these guidelines could subject you to disciplinary action up to and including termination, so please take these matters seriously.

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