'Let's Be Cops' Feature Film Starring Damon Wayans Jr. Casting Call

These Wayans, they just keep coming. Casting directors are currently casting for the upcoming feature film Let's Be Cops starring Damon Wayans Jr. 20th Century Fox has set Happy Endings star Damon Wayans Jr. and New Girl’s Jake Johnson to star in Let’s Be Cops, a comedy that Luke Greenfield will direct. He wrote the script with writing partner Nick Thomas, based on a pitch he sold to the studio. Simon Kinberg’s Genre Films and Greenfield will produce. The film centers on two best friends looking for a little more out of life. They impersonate cops for kicks, but when they unknowingly mess with a real mobster, the game gets real. Casting is getting underway on the other roles. Sign up for our news letter for more updates regarding the new Wayans' Feature Film!

'Let's Be Cops' Feature Film Casting Call

The Background Actors Casting for this project is expected to be CL Casting, after they posted the following Casting Call on their Facebook Page:
Seeking THUG types - Clean cut COPS - HOT GIRLS - ToughMAFIA - Hip LA types - those with IMPROV experiece.
"Let's Be Cops" - [email protected]

Instructions for Submitting:

Now, allow us to walk you through the perfect background submission email. Your First AND Last Name: Unless you are Cher or Madonna, please remember to include your full name when you submit (also, the name you prefer to go by - if it's a stage name, please include your legal name as well.) Your Phone Number: If you have more than one number, please list which number is which (home, cell, office, etc) and which is the best to reach you at. Your Email Address: Yes, we realize you're submitting your email via your email address, but this just makes things easier for us. The City and State in which you live: We are an Atlanta-based casting company, so a MAJORITY of the projects we cast for are based within the city. Not being from Atlanta doesn't automatically disqualify you - we just like to know where you're coming from. Your Age, your Height, and your Weight: Ladies, we know this can be sensitive information, but we swear on pain of death, that we will not share this information with anyone else. This helps us pick the perfect role for you (and it may even snag you a coveted Stand-In position)!! Gentlemen, please don't forget to include your sizes when you submit. This makes things easier for everyone, especially on projects that require you to have a wardrobe fitting. MEN'S SIZES:  Waist & Inseam: Pull out your favorite and best fitting pair of jeans or slacks and look at the label. The waist and inseam should be printed there. Shoe: Jacket: (Slim, Regular, Long) Neck: Sleeve:
Finally, don't forget to ATTACH 3 pictures of yourself - and just of YOURSELF. These pictures should be recent, taken within the last month, they should be clear and in focus, well lit, and of the highest resolution. If you are submitting for a specific character role, we like to get an idea of what you would look like in character, so get creative and include a picture of yourself playing the role you want to be cast for (ie. Police Officer, Nurse, Street Thug, or a Pirate). Please DO NOT IMBED the photos. They SHOULD NOT be old, out of focus, poorly lit, lower than 300K resolution, or badly edited on Instagram. Submissions without photos WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.See below at Leah's pictures - They are clear and in focus. We love the simple back drop. We don't need them in the card form. We love that she has provided us with ALL of her sizes.Another note please ATTACH pictures. DO NOT EMBED them. Some of you don't realize you are imbedding them. When you are dragging the pictures from your folder into the e-mail it embeds them. This distorts the image when we receive.

"Let's Be Cops" Casting Call Update

Movie News: After a handful of a number of supporting bits on the big screen, Nina Dobrev is finally stepping into a nice, meaty feature film role in—of all things— a cop comedy. Variety reports that the "Vampire Diaries" actress has accepted a part in the upcoming "Let's Be Cops," as the lady love interest of a character played by Damon Wayans, Jr.
CL Casting is looking for the following types for the feature film “Let’s Be Cops” to work as background artists. This is filming in Atlanta, GA. We do not have work dates on these characters yet. All positions are paid. These will all be picture selected by the director, so please make sure you email 3 very clear photos, your height, weight, age, and phone number to [email protected]ASAP! Please use the description as your subject header (example: Asian Female, Fraternity Boy).We have divided the breakdown by gender. These roles are only for those 18 and older. Females: Female Bartenders: Ages 21-29! Experienced bartenders!! Female Waitresses: Ages 18-29! Experienced Waitresses!! Bridesmaids: Ages 18-35. Looking for girly, friendly looking, but yet can still have a good time with the girls! Sorority Girls: 18-24! Looking for the sorority type! Funky Business Types: Ages 21-40. Think Creative designers. We are looking for people that dress funky yet professional. Maybe have a little flair to their hair, or have a conservative style with splashes of funky. Nerd types: Looking for all different types of nerds! All ages! Sweet Girls: Have a friendly, cute or innocent face? 18-23! Asian Females: Specifically looking for any and all Asian females between the ages of 18-25! Asian Females with Punk Style: Looking for Asian females ages 18-29 with punk or funky style. Kissing Couple: Would like to have actual couples! The Hispanic Female: Looking for Latina beauty between the ages of 18-29. Looking for Gorgeous Model Types! Males: High-End and Powerful LA Agent Types, ages 25-40 Models and former models Video Gaming Types Nerds: Looking for males in their mid-twenties that are undeniably nerdy. Anyone that is thin, has dark hair and is of European descent. RUSSIANS: Looking for Russian Men Ages 18-60+ Fraternity Boys: 18-24! Looking for males that can look like they are in a fraternity. Asian Males: Specifically looking for any and all Asian males between the ages of 18-25! Asian Males with Punk Style: Looking for ages 18-29 with punk or funky style about them. Security Guards and LAPD Officers: Looking for big and buff! Diner Employee: 60+ and rail thin! Kissing Couple: Would like to have actual couples! Funky Business Types: Ages 21-40. Think Creative designers. We are looking for people that dress funky yet professional. Maybe have a little flair to their hair, or have a conservative style with splashes of funky.

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