'Insurgent' Assistant Director Filmed Dozens of Innocent Women

Kevin Thomas Roy, the assistant director of 'Insurgent' filmed dozens of innocent and oblivious young women.

The assistant director of 'Insurgent' and several other major Hollywood blockbusters including 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and 'The Lone Ranger' was arrested earlier this year and charged with secretly filming models as they changed in their dressing rooms at a car commercial filmed in Los Angeles, according to Image via: According to reports, Kevin Thomas Roy is accused of keeping a hard drive containing 40 videos and over 400 photographs from hidden cameras and what makes matters worse is that the Los Angeles County Prosecutors office failed to notify dozens of other models, actresses, stand-ins, and extras, who worked with him.

Jezebel spoke to two of the women who were secretly filmed by Roy; we are protecting their identities while they pursue legal action.

“He had access to everybody because he would run base camp on a shoot,” said one of them, who worked with Roy and whom we’ll refer to as “Jane.” Base camp is where all the trailers, changing rooms, bathrooms are set up for the cast and crew. “No woman is safe with him on set,” she said.

“You can even see his face setting up the camera in different dressing rooms and bathrooms,” said a second victim, “Cindy,” who has seen footage from the confiscated hard-drives. “He set up a camera that filmed me while I was in the bathroom. When I saw the footage I was disgusted. I couldn’t believe it.”

The hard drive contained evidence pointing to over 100 instances of criminal behvaior, but the Los Angeles District Attorney charged Roy with two counts of misdemeanor invasion of privacy for secretly filming two models last summer.
Roy originally pleaded not guilty when he was initially charged in May but then changed his plea to “no contest” on June 26th. He was sentenced to three years summary probation and a 52 week sex-offender rehabilitation program, but he will not need to register as a sex offender. Roy allegedly filmed and photographed women in multiple states including Louisiana, Georgia, Hawaii and Nevada, and jurisdictional issues made it difficult for the Los Angeles District Attorney to pursue all the potential crimes. However, victims say the department could be doing more to alert other women Roy filmed. A source to close to Roy said he had informed an Insurgent production staffer that he was being investigated for a “sex tape thing” related to a filmed “prank”.
This has been a bad week for the producers of 'Insurgent'. Earlier this week, the Divergent sequel came under fire after prop masters gave background extras were given real weapons and were told to swing the weapons at child actors. You can read the full report on Kevin Thomas Roy on If you have any experiences with Kevin Thomas Roy that you would like to share, you can email me at [email protected] What do you think? Share with us your thoughts on Kevin Thomas Roy in the comments below!