'Jurassic World' Open Casting Call this Weekend

The sequel to the popular Jurassic Park is ramping up in production and casting directors are holding an open casting call for background actors in Hawaii.

According to KHON, the film's casting department is looking for local extras to be part of the movie. A casting call will be held this Sunday, March 2, from 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m., at the Olelo Community Media Center at 1122 Mapunapuna St. All ages and ethnicities are welcome to try out. Casting directors are looking to see families with children ages 6 to 17, twins ages 6 to 15 and people who look like they are in the military. There are no fees or charges for attending the open casting call. Jurassic World will be the first large feature film for director Colin Trevorrow who previously worked on Safety Not Guaranteed. Recently, Chris Pratt spoke with MTV News, and Pratt praised Trevorrow’s vision. “He’s got a great vision for the movie… It’s awesome that Steven Spielberg is taking a chance on this guy because he’s got a really clear vision.  I sat down with him and it was kind of like with me and ['Guardians of the Galaxy' director> James [Gunn], we just kind of started getting excited about this.” Here are some photos of the set being built in Oahu. Photo Credits