Jennifer Lawrence's Trainer Reveals His Secrets to Keeping Celebrities Fit

Jennifer Lawrence’s trainer reveals her secrets to staying fit.

Dalton Wong, the founder of private West London gym Twenty Two Training, travels around the world keeping actresses in shape. Even when dressed in their wardrobe on set, Dalton makes sure actresses stay in shape.

He has trained stars including Kit Harrington, Amanda Seyfried, Alice Eve, Diana Argon and Zoë Kravitz. Dalton’s biggest client is Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence.

Lawrence explained in a 2010 interview how Wong helped her stay fit. “Dalton taught me how to eat, move and live a delicious but healthy life. I will always thank him for that.”

When the actress was training for X-Men: First Class, the two spent time together running, weight lifting, yoga, resistance, and squats.

In a recent interview, Dalton reveals how he shaped her up the superhero role in three months, despite being new to the healthy lifestyle.

'I feel I am the trainer that started her [J-Law's> education in nutrition, and taught her what foods would make her feel good,' Dalton says, explaining that he was one of the first to help mould her.”

Ultimately it comes down to these tips:

Stay focused

'You need to figure out what your prime goal is and stick with it', Dalton says. 'If my client is aiming for weight loss, we would gear their plan towards that for four weeks, per se, with the best exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and stress management plan for the most effective results. Then you might say "Hey Dalton, I feel and look great. Now how do I sustain this?". People swap from weight loss to posture to muscle gain – they aren't focused enough.' 

Increase the intensity

'It doesn't have to be crazy stuff, it just has to be uncomfortable. If you work all day at your desk, you're so physically exhausted by the end of the day that your half hour workout isn't as good as it could be. If you can work out for 20 minutes at your highest intensity, it's better than 45 minutes of moderate exercise.'

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