'Investigation Discovery' Acting Auditions Casting Call in Atlanta

Discovery Channel's Investigation Discovery posted a casting call for a crime re-creation docudrama and are seeking actors in Atlanta.

Discovery I.D. features documentary-style programming dealing with true crime subjects, including criminal investigations (primarily homicides), forensics, and other crime-related documentaries. Marinella Hume Casting is currently seeking to cast several roles for an upcoming Investigation Discovery episode. Producers are looking for a female actress to play a female survivor and a male perpetrator. For more details, check out the casting call below:

Investigation Discovery Casting Call

Discovery I.D> Channel Casting Paid Actors for a crime re-creation docudrama - FEMALE SURVIVOR AMY HEIGHT 5.3” WEIGHT 120 lbs AGE 26/27 HAIR COLOUR Sandy/Dark blond HAIR TYPE Long, wavy to curly hair BODY TYPE Petite and slim MALE PERPETRATOR WILLIAM HEIGHT 5.10” WEIGHT 165 lbs AGE 40 HAIR COLOUR Brown HAIR TYPE Very short/buzz cut/millitary BODY TYPE Sturdy, strong Works Monday June 9 OR June 16 th submit your name contact number all of your sizes and ht and wt 3 recent pictures showing hair length and color and general body type [email protected] put “Discovery little rock” in subject line when submitting We will be calling for auditions and bookings Discuss this story with fellowProject Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.

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