Intrepid Academy Atlanta Speaking Roles Casting Call for SAG Series

The Extra BAD Group recently posted the following Casting Call on their Facebook Page: 

SAG series, Intrepid Academy, is currently casting for the following roles. If you or anyone you know fit the descriptions, please send headshot and resume to [email protected] by 5/23/2013.

Casting Call details for Intrepid Academy

Lisa: Female - 20's-30's - Athletic Type - News Anchor Copycat: Female - 15-18 - Attractive Volt: Male - 15-18 Nick: Male - 15-18 - Athletic Type Newspaper Boy: Male - 10-15 - Charismatic Bill: Male - 30's-40's - Powerful Phantom: Male - 15-18 Talon: Male - 15-18- Thin Shade: Male - 15-18 - Athletic/Charismatic *Must be able to do a California Accent Tech: Male - 15-18 - Nerdy Dark Ghoul Male - 15-18, could be older - Athletic Build, Cold Wraith: Male- 15-18 -Athletic, Menacing Flora: Female - 15-18 - Attractive Sahara: Female - 15-18 - Athletic For more information, including character breakdowns, visit and read the note: NOW CASTING

Intrepid Academy Teenage superhuman Joseph Hawk embarks on an adventure to Intrepid Academy, making many friends and enemies while he competes in the world-famous "Crucible" tournament.