We are shooting a digital advertising campaign for International Women’s Day which is March 8, 2021. This will be a powerful campaign featuring strong, inspiring, impactful, confident women. Seeking real life dynamic women, such as: Visual Artists, Passionate Speakers, Musicians, Athletes, Ballerinas, Body Builders, Activists, Slam Poets, Revolutionaries, etc. -All Ages (16 to 70+) -All Ethnicities -All Sizes -Persons with a mobility or physical disability welcome! -Mom with child, ideally kindergarten age (give or take a year) We are shooting this campaign in New York City. Shoot will be one day in early November. You must live in NYC (or Tri-State area) per Covid restrictions. We will be shooting both still photos and video. Compensation: Stills: $2500 per day for adult —$500 per day for the child. Video SAG Scale Usage: 6 month global unlimited, unrestricted digital. Submission Instructions: To submit, please upload a self recorded video below (using your camera phone is perfect!) On the video please state your: -Name -Age -Location -Occupation (if any) -Race/Ethnicity * Important we see you full length And please…. include answers to the below questions: -What is your strength? -What does it mean to be strong? -Do you know your strength? -How do you show your strength?