Gatorade Commercial Chicago Casting Call for Extras

Gatorade commercial casting call for extras in Chicago, Illinois.

4 Star Casting is now hiring extras for an upcoming Gatorade commercial filming in Chicago, Illinois. Casting directors are looking for people to play hockey players and hockey fans in the upcoming commercial. Filming will take place on Monday, February 27th in Chicago, Illinois. To audition for a role on the upcoming Gatorade commercial, check out the casting call breakdown below.

Gatorade Commercial Casting Call

SAG/UNION EXTRA ROLE RATE: Scale USAGE: Commercial PROJECT: Gatorade SHOOT DATE: Monday, 2/27/17 LOCATION: Chicago There is a lot of information in this posting – please read it all the way through before submitting. We are looking for UNION/SAG members, who are current on their dues, to play the following: Hockey Players, Coaching Staff, Officials, Trainers – you must be able to skate and play with high level hockey skills. Male, Any Ethnicity, 18 to 55yoa – Please note with the NCAA guidelines, we cannot see anyone who is currently pro or will go pro. Additionally, principal casting is looking for options as well, and we may forward your submission to them for consideration, but do not submit with 4 Star Casting UNLESS you are willing to work as an extra. If you are a hockey player ONLY, and are not Union, you will still be considered – if chosen, we will Taft-Hartley. Hockey Fans – Male/Female, Any Ethnicity, 18 to 55yoa If interested and available, send an email with the following to [email protected]: 1) Put ROLE you are available in the subject line of your email. 2) Include name, age (date of birth). phone, email, height, weight and MEASUREMENTS: Men: Jacket, Neck/Sleeve (note: sleeve is measured from middle of the back of your neck down the length of your arm to wrist), Pants (waist/inseam), and Shoes – if applying for Hockey Player, please include uniform sizes. Women: Dress, Pants, Bust/Waist/Hips and Shoes 3) 2 CANDID PHOTOS (make sure to send 1 full length body photo) – if applying for Hockey Player, if you have a picture of yourself in uniform, please also include. 4) Please confirm that you are current on your Union Dues, and include your SAG/AFTRA ID number. If applying for hockey player, and not a union member, please states so in your submission. 5) Confirm the shoot date(s) you are available to work. 6) Confirm that your registration with 4 Star Casting is current (within the last 12 months). 7) Confirm your mode of transportation to set. 8) If you are applying for Hockey Player, please give us a brief description of your skill level, and if you play on a league, etc. 9) Let us know if you are part of our database – this is a separate database that we are building, and it is different than registering with our company or filling it one of our master surveys. We will contact you if you are in consideration! What do you think? Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.

If you are not local and/or do not fit the description, do not apply