'From Dusk Till Dawn' Casting Call for Kids and Adults in Austin, Texas

Filmmakers for the new television series 'From Dusk Till Dawn' are now casting featured roles in Austin, Texas.

Third Coast Extras is accepting submissions for the following specific extras to work on Robert Rodriguez's TV Series "From Dusk Till Dawn," shooting in North Central Austin. This shoot will occur on one or two days within this range: Feb. 18 - Feb. 26, (Mon-Fri only,) exact dates to be determined. The English-language El Rey – which is set to premiere this December nation-wide with initial carriage via Comcast – would air From Dusk Till Dawn as its first scripted series. Robert Rodriguez, is heavily involved in getting the network off the ground, will be writing, producing and directing the From Dusk Till Dawn series himself. The series will expand on the story and characters from his original film and providing more Aztec mythology. There has not been a report if the two sequels will be included in the television series since, Robert Rodriguez only worked as a producer on those projects. For more details see the following casting call information below:
Ability to completely clear day/evening schedule on the one or two days of shooting is a must. **NEW faces only who haven't appeared on this show yet, please** Please share with anyone who fits this! Must match one of the descriptions below and have a flexible availability from Feb. 18 - Feb. 26 to accommodate one or two days of shooting during that range: *"Explorers": Hispanic males who resemble 'Spanish' Explorers w/ an athletic build, handsome/dashing looks & beards and mustaches, ages late 20's-50's. *"Worshippers": Males and Females w/ a Native American or Native Mexican/Aztec look, average to athletic build, ages 18-50. *"Aztec Boy": Native American or Native Mexican/Aztec looking young males between ages of 13-15 (to play age 12). Pay rate is $79.75/10hr for adults and $60/8hr for children. To submit, email us at: [email protected] w/ subject heading "FDTD Explorers", "FDTD Worshippers" or "FDTD Aztec Boy" depending on which you are applying for and follow directions below exactly: Include name, age, phone #, location (Austin?), height/weight and attach plenty of clear, well-lit, high resolution current photos both close up and full length. Please list your typical M-F availability during Feb. 18 - Feb. 26. IMPORTANT: Must be Texas resident w/ valid Texas ID who lives in (or at least close nearby) to Austin, TX since shoots days can change at the last minute and call times are likely very early or late night. Please don't submit if you're not local to the area or nearby.