Extras Casting Call for Several TV Shows and Movies in Los Angeles

Several TV Shows and Movies Casting Call in Los Angeles Casting Call for extras

Casting directors in Los Angeles are seeking extras to work on various shows filming in the area. Central Casting of Los Angeles is seeking extras to work several days starting next week. Producers are looking for hip and trendy men and women to be bar patrons for a scene this Monday, August 4th in Downtown Los Angeles. Casting directors are also looking for men who appear to be in their 20s-early 30s to play musicians. In addition, producers are in need of extras that are 4'10 and shorter to play Santa's Elves. Central Casting is also looking for men and women, any age, who appear to look Middle Eastern AND who have an older more generic looking car Talents must be registered with Central Casting. To register visit For more details, check out the casting call below:

Los Angeles Casting Call

Hip and Trendy Extras

Tessa is looking for hip and trendy men and women to be bar patrons. Men (coat 40-42) and women (dress 2-6). This is for a Hip LA bar, so must have appropriate attire, but nothing too slutty (gals) or sloppy (guys). Please think of attire you would wear when you are on your "A" game, looking and feeling your best! Also looking for Caucasian looking men and women ages 50's-70's to be relatives//parents attending a bar for a wedding party. This works THIS Monday Aug 4th in Downtown LA. Please submit to [email protected] and put "I'm so fancy" in the subject line. Please do not forget to add in a contact telephone number. Thanks!

Musicians Casting Call

Mandy is taking submissions for an AFTRA show working on Thursday, Aug 7th in downtown LA. We are looing for men who appear to be in their 20s-early 30s to play musicians. We need guys who can play the drums, base and guitar. Please submit to [email protected] and put the instrument you play in the subject line.

Santa's Elves Casting Call

Ajay is looking for Union and/or Non-Union extras that are 4'10 and shorter. All ethnicities and ages. This would be to play Santa's Elves. IF you have a elf costume, that is a plus, but not necessary. Fitting on Monday Aug 4th and work date is either Thursday Aug 7th OR Friday Aug 8th. MUST be available all three days! This works at Paramount Studios. Please submit a photo of yourself to [email protected] and put "Santa's Helper" in the subject line. In the body of the email make sure to put current height, weight, and sizes, AND contact phone number!

Middle Eastern Extras Casting Call

Kaela is taking more submissions of men and women, any age, who appear to look Middle Eastern AND who have an older more generic looking car. No red, white or black please!! Also- you need to be OK either smoking or being around Clove Smoke!! This will work Wednesday and Thursday August 6th and 7th. If you are avail, please email your information as well as the year,make, model, color, and a PICTURE of your car to c[email protected]. Please use the subject line "car"

Do not apply, if you are not local or if you do not fit the description.

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