Extras Casting Atlanta for Experienced DJ Types

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Calling all experienced dj types: Exciting opportunity in Atlanta, GA.

Are you an experienced DJ looking to take your talents to the next level? Do you dream of being part of the vibrant entertainment scene in Atlanta? Well, we have some fantastic news for you! An excellent casting call is underway for experienced DJ types to participate as extras in a thrilling project happening throughout June.

This exciting opportunity is perfect for individuals aged in their 20s to 40s who possess a seasoned DJ's charisma, energy, and stage presence. Whether you're a club DJ, radio DJ, or have spun tracks at various events, this casting call is your chance to showcase your skills and be part of something extraordinary.

The casting call spans multiple days, allowing you to immerse yourself in this project and make a lasting impression. The magic will happen on the following dates: Monday, June 5th; Tuesday, June 6th; Wednesday, June 7th; Thursday, June 8th; Wednesday, June 14th; Thursday, June 15th; and Friday, June 16th. Mark your calendars and clear your schedules for this fantastic opportunity!

One of the standout aspects of this casting call is that no equipment is needed. You can bring your passion for music and entertainment, and the rest will be cared for. It's a chance to focus on what you do best and let your DJing prowess shine. The team behind this project understands that it's the talent and personality that truly make a DJ exceptional, and they want to give you the platform to display your skills.

This project promises to be an incredible experience filled with excitement, energy, and the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals in the industry. You'll have the chance to be a part of a dynamic production, working alongside talented professionals who share your passion for music and entertainment.

So, how can you get involved? It's as simple as responding to this casting call. Send your application with relevant experience, a brief introduction, and any additional information showcasing your talent and unique style. Remember, they're looking for experienced DJ types, so don't hesitate to highlight your achievements and notable performances.

This is your chance to seize an incredible opportunity in Atlanta's thriving entertainment industry. Whether you're a local DJ or willing to travel to be a part of this project, submit your application soon and secure your place in this extraordinary experience.

Get ready to rock the stage, set the vibe, and leave a lasting impression on this exciting project. Atlanta is calling for experienced DJ types, and it's time for you to answer the call. Embrace this opportunity, and let your talent shine like never before!

How to apply?

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Extras Casting Atlanta for Experienced DJ Types


  • Experienced DJ type ages '20s-'40s for multiple days in June.
  • Monday 6/5, Tuesday 6/6, Wednesday 6/7, Thursday 6/8, Wednesday 6/14, Thursday 6/15, and Friday 6/16. 
  • Equipment is not needed.

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