Casting CallsExtraordinary Film Casting Call: Attention All Bright Hair Talent! Your Next Supermarket...

Extraordinary Film Casting Call: Attention All Bright Hair Talent! Your Next Supermarket Adventure Awaits!


Is your hair bright, colorful, and exudes your personality? Are you intrigued by the exciting world of films and television? If so, we’ve got the perfect casting call to pique your interest! Project Casting brings to your attention an enthralling casting opportunity by a leading film production house seeking charismatic talents for roles in a supermarket-themed film.

Key Takeaways:

  • Open casting call for supermarket-themed film.
  • Seeking diverse talents with bright and vibrant hair.
  • No prior acting experience is required.
  • Applications are accepted online.
  • Generous compensation on an hourly basis.

 Time To Shine with Your Bright Hair

We are calling out those striking individuals sporting bright hair colors – be it electric blue, fiery red, or even sparkling silver. The horizon for fresh and bold talent has expanded, and it’s time for your quirky personality and vibrant hair to shine! This open casting call is the ideal platform for those interested in acquiring film experience or simply looking to further their acting journey.

 A Unique Supermarket Adventure

Entailing much more than just aisles and shopping carts, this supermarket-themed film seeks to encapsulate a unique experience. Your role can vary from being a legendary cashier to a shopper with a penchant for exciting supermarket rendezvous. With an environment as dynamic as a supermarket, imagine the range of characters you could portray!

 Job Details

Upon being selected, you will be involved in various scenes to be shot on specified dates at a designated location. Your roles may be walk-ins, stationary poses, or even dialogues, depending upon the requirements of the scene. All scenes are filmed under professional supervision accommodating safety and comfort.

 Job Responsibilities 

As a part of the cast, you are expected to:

  • Follow directions given by the Director or Assistant Director.
  • Be punctual for call times at the film set.
  • Maintain a professional attitude on set.
  • Perform a variety of roles as required by the production team.


To qualify for this unique casting opportunity:

  • You must be above 18 years of age.
  • You need to have bright and distinct hair.
  • No prior acting experience is mandatory.
  • A professional headshot with a current hair color is required.

Remember, the vibrant hue of your hair is the most important criterion for this role – diversity is encouraged, and creativity is rewarded!


This opportunity guarantees generous compensation for your time and talent. Payment is on an hourly basis, plus overtime where applicable, and is in line with industry standards. This makes the role not just an exhilarating experience but a fairly paid job as well.

 Make Your Move Now!

So there it is – your chance to step into the mesmerizing world of film and infuse it with your unique twist! Grab this newest casting call opportunity and embark on a journey where your wild, bright hair isn’t just accepted but chiefly sought after! Submit your application today and let your vibrant hair strands pave the way to an exciting acting adventure in the supermarket of dreams.

Project Casting is thrilled to connect unique talent like yours with amazing opportunities like this. Remember, every role matters, every chance is a step towards your dreams, and every brilliant hair strand of yours could be exactly what a casting director is searching for today!

Apply now!

Megan Diane
Megan Diane
Hi, I'm Megan Browne, the Head of Partnerships at Project Casting - a job board for the entertainment industry. As Head of Partnerships, I help businesses find the best talent for their influencer campaigns, photo shoots, and film productions. Creating these partnerships has enabled me to help businesses scale and reach their true potential. I'm excited to continue driving growth by connecting people with projects they're passionate about.

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