'Drop Dead Diva' Season 6 Extras Casting Call for Bar Patrons in Atlanta

Casting directors for Drop Dead Diva are currently casting talent to work tomorrow, February 21st in Peachtree City, Georgia

Marinella Hume Casting posted a casting call looking for background actors to portray bar patrons to work on a scene filming tomorrow outside of Atlanta. They are are looking 'California types, attractive people etc. that appear like they are on their lunch break or going to Starbucks. For more details see the casting call details below:
We are looking for CAFE/BAR PATRONS FOR TOMORROW FEB 21ST. California types, attractive people that are out on their lunch break from work, or going on a coffee date in Hollywood to Starbucks or Hollywood lunch cafe type places on Melrose Ave. Show us pictures in the kind of outfit you would wear for this kind of outing. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SUBMITTED, PLEASE CONSIDER SENDING NEW PHOTOS. IF YOU HAVE WORKED WITH US IN THE PAST TWO WEEKS, SAY SO IN YOUR EMAIL. 
Please Submit 3 clear, recent, color pictures. Pictures DO NOT have to be professional, just clear and from a straight angle. The more recent, the better. If you submit photos with multiple hair colors or styles, make sure to note WHICH color and style it is now! No sunglasses or hats on in pictures. Take 3 snapshots if possible, One full body, one waist up, and one headshot.
Submit NAME, AGE, HEIGHT, WEIGHT, AVAILABILITY, ALL MEASUREMENTS (Men: pant, shirt neck and sleeve, jacket, shoe; Women: dress, shoe, pants, shirt) AND INCLUDE YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER FOR CONSIDERATION. ******** ***MUST BE AVAILABLE ALL DAY TOMORROW FEB 21ST***** Please submit to [email protected] with the subject line: CAFE/BAR 2/21 ______ SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY: Company policy requires that you keep secret all scripts, spoilers, plot twists, show outcomes and all other show information that is not public knowledge. Accordingly: DO NOT post "behind the scenes" photos or video where confidential or proprietary information could be revealed such as design of our sets or the identity of talent, guest actors, etc. DO NOT post any Company material (including scripts, show info, photos, video, etc.) whether published or unpublished. Online and other conduct that violates the Company's policies or these guidelines could subject you to disciplinary action up to and including termination, so please take these matters seriously.

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