'Dreamland' Indie Feature Film Casting Call

A drug dealer in a future dystopia tries to uncover the mystery of the first murder in forty years. Genre: Sci-fi, murder mystery. Location: Shreveport, Louisiana Casting for following character roles: Acolyte-Supporting Actor-Really tall and lanky. Ages 20-27. Believes the human race should end and has put himself in the position to end the remaining population. Cashmere-Featured Extra- Ages 20-27. Attractive, pale skin, black hair. Crier in the streets-Featured Extra- Older man. Preaching to himself in street to imaginary audience. Insane. Eva-Lead Actress*- Curvy, height preference not taller than Saul, angelic appearance, and unique. Ages 18-30. She is trying to warn Saul of future events that will come to pass. Good Boy-Featured Extra-Average looking, face will not be shown, it will be masked. Hungry Man -Featured Extra- Larger man. Age doesn’t matter. Continues to eat food while someone is choking on food next to him. Ian -Supporting Actor- Short, young. Ages 20-35. He is a hype man for the Pixie Crowd. Ian is extremely energetic, loves to party, over the top, very outgoing, and obnoxious. King Nothing -Featured Extra-Midget. Czar of the Socialites, pompous and condescending. Lady Pheobie - Supporting Actress- Ages 30-40. Blonde, long face, and lanky. Head mistress over the Debbies Lord -Supporting Actor- Ages 25-35. Obese, tall is a preference, bald or shaved. Master of futuristic BDSM cult, and a transvestite. Lord’s Fiends -Extras-20-30 Male and Female. Ages 20-50. Members of the BDSM cult. Mr. Coe -Supporting Actor- Petite, slim. Ages 35-50. Mr. Coe is slightly insane, inviting, has a huge smile on his face, and is Dreamland’s version of the Mad Hatter Mr. Coe’s Butler -Featured Extra- Average build/height. This character will have a deformed face. Has been Mr. Coe’s butler for a number of years. Murder Audience -Extras- 7 people total. Will be masked and in dark clothes. The will be the witnesses to the first murder in 40 years. Oracle -Supporting Actress- Skinny. Ages 18-42 must look young. Priestess of the OSOS, a fortuneteller, and she can see into the future. Osos Monks -Extras- Ages 20-40. Religious group of Janice, Buddhist like monks, very humble, quiet and spiritual. Peace Officer Guards –Extras and Featured Extras- Ages 30-50. Military type, muscular, clean cut military look. Pixies Club Crowd –Extras- 60-80 Male/Female. Age: No older than 30. Partiers, they don’t care about anything but partying. Unaware of anything but the party life they live. Riders -Extras- Varied looks. Ages 20-65. The Riders are tough, weathered, seen the harder parts of life. Saul -Lead Male*- Slim, lanky, athletic build, about 6ft and blond hair. Saul will play an anti social intellectual. Very quiet, intimidating type. He is a chemist and makes the drugs that the society consumes. Does not like intimacy. Socialite Crowd -Extras- 20-30 male/female, any age. This is the “more artistic” crowd. Street Crowd –Extras- Very diverse mix of 30-40ppl. The Gate Keepers –Featured Extras- 2 tall, lean, athletic built males. Faces will not be seen. They guard the character Lord. Background Guard –Extra- Included with street crowd, would wear a guard costume and walk the streets. Van –Featured Extra- Leader of the Riders. Tall, broad, muscular, quiet, intimidating, uneasy, and paranoid.

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