Casting Calls'Dixieland' Movie Open Casting Call for Speaking Roles in Mississippi

‘Dixieland’ Movie Open Casting Call for Speaking Roles in Mississippi


‘Dixieland’ Movie Open Casting Call for actors to audition in Jackson, Mississippi.

Morgan Casting is holding an open casting call for actors to work on the new feature film, ‘Dixieland‘.

Dixieland‘ centers on a 22 year old who was recently paroled from prison, KERMIT is looking to make a fresh start. However, he’s soon mixed up with his old buddies, rationalizing his decision to do another drug run as a way to make money to help out his new girlfriend whose mother is dying of cancer…

Casting directors will be holding an open casting call on Sunday, August 24th in Jackson Mississippi.

For casting call and audition details check out the information below:

‘Dixieland’ Movie Casting Call

The film is a SAG Production
Shooting Sept 17 to Oct 17, 2014


LOCATION: The Ice House, Jackson MS
251 W South St, Jackson, MS 39203

TIME: 11am-4pm

If you are interested in reading for one of the below characters with lines, please email us a photo, resume if you have one, along with your name, age, phone number and current city/state.

email to: [email protected]

Please title your email with “your name” for “said role/s”

We will only be considering people for speaking parts at the live auditions. Please do not show up if you just want to be an extra.

If you would like to be an extra only – please title message with “your name” for an EXTRA in Dixieland

We are looking to cast locals or one willing to work as a local to Mississippi. Will be shooting in Jackson MS

In the meantime, here’s what we are looking for:

STORY LINE: 22 and recently paroled from prison, KERMIT is looking to make a fresh start. However, he’s soon mixed up with his old buddies, rationalizing his decision to do another drug run as a way to make money to help out his new girlfriend whose mother is dying of cancer…

Casting Specs:

[ARLETTA] Caucasian Female. She has a 22 year old son. An aging beauty who dresses a little too young for her age, she is Kermit’s widowed mother. Now back in the dating scene, Arletta has known her share of hard times, sometimes forced to do things she’s not proud of to stay afloat. A decent woman, and a concerned mother, she’s happy to have Kermit home again, warning him not to hang with his old running buddies anymore. Later, when Kermit fails to come home one evening, she’s convinced something bad has gone down…LEAD

[BILLY] A young hotshot, he is Kermit’s best friend and partner in crime, a punk who’s always made his way by scamming or doing something illegal. He tells Kermit, who’s looking to stay straight, “You all rehabilitated and s–t. What you gonna do for money?” He’s eager to get Kermit back working his jobs with him He should be a little soft (inf appearance), earnest and naive…LEAD

[LARRY PRETTY] Caucasian Male. 40s to late 50s. He is the manager of a strip club, a smarmy opportunist, in a brown suit, bolo tie, cowboy hat and diamond pinky ring, also a toothpick in his mouth. He’s described by Arletta as a “bad man… the source of a lot of hurt.” He used to take advantage of Arletta, now grooming a nervous Rachel to be one of his dancers/strippers, also hoping she’ll get into prostitution, because those “girls make real money.” Later, Pretty Larry gets his comeuppance…LEAD

[C.J.] Caucasian and super-skinny, he is one of Kermit’s old running buddies, grateful that Kermit never ratted him out, sparing him a jail sentence. In his herringbone-chain necklace, gold bracelet and Affliction t-shirt, C.J. looks ruthless. He seduces Kermit back into a life of crime…LEAD

[RANDY FAIRCLOTH] A bit of an unpredictable eccentric, he is Kermit’s uncle, dressed in leather pants and a t-shirt. His hair is styled in a pompadour and he has a pencil thin mustache, and a cross earring dangling from his left ear. Randy has been arrested for counterfeiting small bills and operates a moonshine still. He’s also pretty handy when it comes to fixing cars. A former champion boxer, Randy proves to be surprisingly gracious when Billy asks him about some money he owes.

[T-REX] Mexican Male, with a thin mustache and jeans tucked into his cowboy boots, he is a guy not to be messed with. A drug dealer, T-Rex is on a savage dude, fair but terrifying.

[FLAVOR] Mexican, he is a long-haired gangster who works for T-Rex. Impatient, with a perverse sense of humor, he urges Kermit to share his story about why he got back into a life of crime, increasingly interested in where the tale is going. Flavor soon realizes that Kermit used to make runs for one of T-Rex’s competitors. He’s not about to mess things up by killing Kermit and the thugs eventually let Kermit go.

[CLAY] Early 20s, a preppy fraternity type, with red hair, wearing khaki pants, a blue oxford shirt, Sperry Top-Siders, and a Vanderbilt University visor, he is a childhood friend of Kermit. Upscale, recently engaged, he introduces his girlfriend to Kermit, later telling her that Kermit is has changed and is now “completely crazy.”.

[FRESH-FACED COP] This fresh-faced cop pulls over a nervous Kermit whose driving seems erratic. He tries to reason with Kermit who pulls a gun on him, then is completely dumbfounded and horrified by Kermit’s reaction to the situation.

[VINES] He is an older correctional officer in aviator sunglasses, and carrying a shotgun. Gruff, with a dry sense of humor, he’s sorry to see Kermit getting paroled, since he’s the “best hole-diggin’ man I got.”.

[CHICKEN SHACK EMPLOYEE] He/she is a very pleasant counter person at a 24-hour chicken place, seemingly oblivious to Kermit’s edgy nervousness.

[GIL] He is a younger correctional officer in a brimmed trooper hat. Gil is a tobacco-chewing, good-humored good ole boy, impressed by Kermit’s work ethic while doing time.

[MAMA] Mature female. She is overweight / heavy set. Dying of cancer, and not looking very well, she is Rachel’s needy yet grateful mother.

[JORGE] A Mexican kid with fresh tight hair fade, he is one of Kermit’s homeboys who picks him up when he get out of prison.

[JACKSON] Seen reading a “Soldier of Fortune Magazine,” he is the front desk guy at the strip club.

[WAITRESS] She is a waitress at the strip club, wearing a bustier, a bow tie and white shirt cuffs.

[RESTLESS REDNECK #1 & #2] These two rednecks in the the strip club are getting impatient with Rachel’s pathetic routine.

[DJ] This DJ at the strip club introduces the acts. Let us know if you have any real DJ experience please.

[TEX & RODEO CLOWN] They are a pair of drunk rodeo cowboys in the strip club.

[MIDDLE-AGED MAN] This middle-aged male customer in the Dairy Dip is scared when Kermit shoots him a threatening look.

[BOBBIE] He/she is the counter person at the Dairy Dip.

[ASHLEY] She is Clay’s preppy looking fiancee..

[KNUCKLEHEAD #1 & #2] They are a pair of Mexican thugs who work for T-Rex. Must speak Spanish.

[OTHER MEXICAN] This Mexican thug is listening to Kermit’s sob story. Must speak Spanish.

[CHICKEN SHACK COP] This cop with a jet black mustache is waiting to use the restroom at the Chicken Shack.

[TRUCK DRIVER] He is a overweight truck driver being given a lap dance by Rachel.

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