Disney to Start Filming More Movies in China

Disney is teaming up with China to start filming more movies in the People's Republic of China.

Atlanta, Georgia is the unofficial home for Marvel. Marvel has filmed the last two superhero movies in the ATL and is currently planning on filming the next four in a few months. However, this may all come to an end as the CEO of Disney announced that they plan on moving production to China within a year. According to Bloomberg, Walt Disney Co. is preparing to make Disney-branded films in China and at least one movie will be in production within a year. According to Disney CEO Robert Iger, the first major project is currently in development after a local deal in what Disney argues is the largest film market in the world. From Bloomberg:
“We have a lot of development activity right now to make Disney-branded films in China,” Iger told Bloomberg Television at the 963-acre Shanghai Disney resort, the company’s first in mainland China and scheduled to open June 16. “We are very far along on this process, including developing ideas, concepts for films and identifying talent to make those films.”
The company is partnering with Shanghai Media Group Pictures to make more Disney-branded films in China, a Disney representative told Bloomberg. In fact, Disney has signed a multi-year deal to co-develop movies for China and other markets. At the end of the day this makes great business sense for the Disney corporation. China has a growing middle class and thriving $180 billion media and entertainment industry. By adding movie production in China it would would further increase the return on investment for movies made by Disney. However, we will have to wait and see if this will impact and effect states like Georgia who depend on Marvel's growing film industry. Via Bloomberg Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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