Discovery ID "Swamp Murders" Casting Call for a Principal Role

Casting directors are seeking an experienced actor for a principal role in Investigation Discovery television series "Swamp Murders".

According to an Investigation Discovery press release, "Swamp Murders" centers on the the murders and crime sof Louisiana, Georgia, Texas and Florida. "SWAMP MURDERS proves that even muddied waters eventually bring secrets to the surface.
For more details see the casting call below:
Seeking an experienced actor for the following role in "Swamp Murders"
JERRY FLETCHER- Male / Principal / Caucasian / 60 - 70 - 5'10", 170 lbs. Bearded, bown hair.Victim's brother described the 68 year old Jerry Lee Fletcher as a shell of a man who had been incarcerated for nearly 40 years. Probably shuffled when he walked. Distant, sullen, empty, sociopath, zero empathy or emotion. please see photo reference- we are matching this photo. If interested- please email headshot and resume including contact email and phone # to: [email protected]

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