Discovery ID 'Swamp Murders' Acting Auditions for a Lead Role

Casting directors are looking for an experienced actor for a speaking role in "Swamp Murders".

ccording to an Investigation Discovery press release, “Swamp Murders” centers on the the murders and crime sof Louisiana, Georgia, Texas and Florida. “SWAMP MURDERS proves that even muddied waters eventually bring secrets to the surface.
For more details see the casting call below:

Seeking an experienced actor for the following role in "Swamp Murders"

JAMIE ACOME: Age 20-24 SUSPECT: Low-life boyfriend (briefly) of victim during the time of her disappearance. Also baby-daddy to one of Emilia's kids. Has drug-related trouble with the law. Emilia offers him $500 to kill Heather but he refuses. Emilia/Josh try to frame him for the crime. Rate $250 + 20% per day

shoot window: weeks of 3/17 and 3/24. Dates pending.

please see photo reference- we are matching this photo.

If interested- please email headshot and resume including contact email and phone # to: [email protected]


Source: The Big Picture Casting