Detroit Casting: Matthew McConaughey's 'White Boy Rick' Open Casting Call

Matthew McConaughey

White Boy Rick is now casting new talent in Detroit, Michigan.

Angela Boehm Casting is now casting a ton of roles for the upcoming feature film White Boy Rick starring Matthew McConaughey. Casting directors are looking for people to play families, drug dealers, drug addicts, strippers and a ton of other roles. Filming will take place in Detroit, Michigan

About White Boy Rick:

Set in Detroit in the 1980s in the height of the crack epidemic, White Boy Rick, centers around the true-life story of Richard Weshe Jr. A teenager who became an undercover informant at 14 before becoming a major drug dealer until he was arrested at age 17. The movie stars Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Bel Powley. White Boy Rick will be directed by Yann Demange and written by Logan Miller, and Noah Miller.
To audition for a role on Matthew McConaughey’s White Boy Rick, check out the casting call breakdown below.

White Boy Rick Casting Call

We have a lot of needs for this amazing, creative project. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY, we will be discarding all submissions that do not follow exact directions. They will be immediately deleted, please triple check before sending! It's important to know this is a process. We will be going through several steps to hire people as extras. First, we approve the photos, then the AD approves, then we will schedule a video audition for 80% of our extras, most potential extras will be asked to meet with the director, then hired. So if you don’t hear back right away, you are probably going through the process, please keep yourself available if your submitting. This particular director is placing a strong emphasis on the background, he is hand selecting these actors. If you are part of this industry because of the creativity involved, this is one set you will want to be on. When submitting please plan to be flexible and ready to be on set at any time because the director will decide who he wants in the film first, then where he wants them. This film is incredibly creative and unique, I cannot stress enough how much emphasis the director is putting on every single background artist chosen to be in this film. The possibility of upgrades and features is very VERY possible. Pay for BG is minimum wage based on an 8 hour day. Stand Ins and Photo doubles $10 an hour. Also you must be available for a fitting prior to shoot date. This is a period piece and you have to be dressed head to toe. Fitting times will be assigned once you are cast. Some additional instructions- Photo Instructions When you submit pictures. Please avoid headshots. The director wants real people. Make sure they are current photos and candid shots. Also do not send these through a mobile phone, when we receive them they are blurry and we can not show that to our director. Any time you submit on this project or for the future, they should not be blurry. Do not submit pics that have anyone besides you in it. Do not submit photos with borders of Instagram, snapchat, fb etc Do not submit photos with sunglasses or hats, we need to see what you look like. Try and look like what you are sending, if you are submitting for a Wino a nice preppy headshot won’t work. Sometimes looks can be versatile but think about your approach. Other Instructions We can’t have well groomed, anyone interested should grow their hair out and grow sideburns!! This is a period piece. In the 80’s. We can’t have anyone with Neck Ink or sleeve tattoos or dreads. As much as I love you all, please do not write me paragraphs, follow the exact instructions. Again if you leave out your location, phone etc, you will have to be deleted. IF YOU ARE ALREADY BOOKED DO NOT RESUBMIT, IF YOU HAVE SUBMITTED BEFORE PLEASE NOTE THAT, WE MAY HAVE YOU FILED IN A LOOK BOOK ALREADY!! Submission Instructions: Email: [email protected] Subject should be the DATE you are submitting for. If multiple include all dates. Include your name, phone, location where you reside, that you are at least 18 years of age unless we are specifically asking for children. And 2-3 photos of yourself. (No more and follow photo instructions above) IMPORTANT AS WE SAID DIRECTOR IS SELCTING EVERYONE, PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE OPEN FOR ANY PART BY PUTTING ANY IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL. THAT WAY IF YOU ARE NOT SELECTED IN THE ROLE YOU SUBMITED FOR, AND HE WANTS YOU SOMEWHERE ELSE WE CAN PUT YOU THERE. Needs- March 14th & 15th 1 Male or female, african american Wino. This is the one day we are filming in Detroit. This is not a Cleveland shoot. This fitting will be in Detroit on March 14th and the shoot date is March 15th. March 31st 1 Federal Correction Officer 2 Federal Prisoners African American only April 1st 1 male Journalist 1 News Reporter April 5th Caucasian Family (Doesn’t have to be a real family) Father, Mother, Son and Daughter April 6th Fed Correction Officers, Incarcerated Criminals, Wayne City Jail Pedestrians, Fedral Prisoners, Wayne City Sheriffs officers, Wayne County Criminals, Plain Clothes Police, Prison Vistors, County Plain Clothes Criminals. April 7th Prisoners, Guards, Armed Transport, Druggie Buyers, Prison Teacher April 8 Diner bus boy (Must be 18) Diner Waitress, Diner Cook, Diner Patrons April 11th A few additional Men for Gun show 18 and over. Long hair beards a plus. 4 Real Police Officers to be Security Gaurds at Show *Everyone on this day may be subject to background check. April 13th Druggie and Druggie buyer. (MUST BE AVAILABLE APRIL 13 & 15TH) PLEASE NOTE THIS ON YOUR SUBMISSION THAT YOU ARE AVAIL BOTH DAYS. Mixed African American and caucsian baby that would be 4-6 weeks on this day. April 15th Druggie and Druggie buyer. (MUST BE AVAILABLE APRIL 13 & 15TH) PLEASE NOTE THIS ON YOUR SUBMISSION THAT YOU ARE AVAIL BOTH DAYS. April 18th 10 Female Strippers, 5 african American and 5 caucsian. Must notate tattoos where they are and include pic, prefer no tattoos. This is topless, pay is $350. 75 Art Derrick Vegas Party goers, African American. April 19th 1 Guatemalan Maid April 20th FBI Agents April 21st 2 Nd (Non Descriptive) Street Background 4 Drug Addicts possibly play 22nd as well April 22nd 4 Drug Addicts possibly play 21st as well ANG

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