"Cymbeline" Movie Starring Ed Harris Casting Call for Photo Double

Casting directors are now casting extras to work on the upcoming feature film, Cymbeline starring Ed Harris.

Producers are seeking to recreate Shakespeare's Cymbeline and now casting directors are seeking Union talent with motorcycles to work on the feature film. The cast has already begun to grow as Ed Harris was just announced for the choice role of the titular character. Harris will play King Cymbeline, the ancient British monarch, whose daughter Imogen marries against her father’s will and creates havoc between the warring British and Roman factions.The film will feature not British monarchs and Roman ambassadors, but a drug-dealing biker gang and dirty cops in the 21st Century.That would seem very odd, until one considers that the initial set-up for Cymbeline also involves the King ceasing to pay tribute to his Roman overlords.I can definitely see that working on a 21st Century level. Still Interested? See the casting call information below for more details!

Cymbeline Casting Call Information

Grant Wilfley Casting recently posted the following Casting Call on their Facebook page:

Seeking SAG-AFTRA/NON-UNION male to photo double and drive motorcycle for the feature film "Cymbeline".

Seeking a Hispanic or Caucasian male, height 5'7-5'10. Works Tues. 9/3. Please send recent candid photo along with ALL YOUR SIZES (height, weight, waist/inseam, neck/sleeve, jacket size, and shoe size) and contact information to [email protected] with the subject line reading - Cymbeline, Name, Facebook, Photo Double, Union Status, Phone Number (For example - Cymbeline, John Doe, Facebook, Photo Double, SAG-AFTRA, 555-555-5555).

**Must have a valid motorcycle license to work**

Once again, please make sure you include ALL YOUR SIZES! PLEASE SHARE/RE-POST/TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!

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