“Cooking in America.. It is Delicious!” TV Pilot Casting Call

Casting Director is casting for a pilot called “Cooking in America.. It is Delicious!”

Production submitted by WTP Productions.  The creator for this show said there are no Cooking Shows trending for all ages anywhere.  Personally, I want food ideas; I do not like eating the same thing the same way every time.  What happens when we see a new way to do something against established norms is an alteration in the way we think about structuring an activity. Everyone is curious about what everyone else is doing. We are social people, point blank.  Curious of emerging trends; the market place is shifting towards stand up meals for advertisement on TV.  On the go if you will. Get it, eat it and go.  Realistically this is not the speed for everyone, everywhere, all the time.  We do still sit down, get up to get a drink sit down ect actions may have changed outside of the home, but the way we act with food in our homes has not. For our purpose we are looking for all lengths from the first person point of view.  If you want to make video of yourself, or someone else or even a group of people; we are looking for all types of videos from all different types of people. Length of submissions can be. Ideas whatever you want to submit brunch, to go packed meal, video, cookout, homemade meal with family or friends, after workout, woke at 6pm ready for some food.  Please include in your video your first name and orientation at least 1 of the 3 - day of week, time of day, location city and/or who’s kitchen. At the minimum share in the video what you are making, show it being made, taking a bite of it and farewell phrase (e.g.  thanks for watching, hits the spot every time, cannot get enough of it, you show try this etc be yourself). Email photos of you cooking from the same cooking session and your video or videos.  If you have to stop the video recording because of something it is not a big deal, the second video recording begin it where ever you are at in the cooking process.  [email protected] In subject provide age, location, # of people (e.g. 29, LA Home, 1) Type a brief description of what you made, how and why in the body of the email with contact info Name, phone, email. photo credit: startcooking kathy & amandine via photopin cc