Commercial Portland Casting Call for Real Baristas (Pay is $500/Day

barista casting call

An upcoming commercial is now casting real baristas in Portland, Oregon.

Casting directors are now casting actors, models, and talent to work on scenes filming in Portland, Oregon one day between September 25th through the 27th.

Producers are seeking the following types:

  • Seeking real baristas, male or female, age 30s, who can adeptly create a heart in a cappuccino with steamed milk!

How to apply:

RUSH CASTING CALL: REAL PORTLAND BARISTAS! Seeking real baristas, male or female, age 30s, who can adeptly create a heart in a cappuccino with steamed milk! This is a paid, non-union hand-modeling gig for a commercial, and it pays $500 (+20% agency, if represented). Shoots one day between 09/25-09/27.
If this is you, film a video of yourself making the heart and email it to us, along with your phone number, at [email protected] by 6PM Tuesday, September 17th! TAPING INSTRUCTIONS: * Slate your name and talk briefly about your barista experience on camera. Keep it short. * Film the fronts and backs of your hands in close-up. * Have someone film you making a heart in a real cappuccino with steamed milk (or place camera on an appropriate surface, so we can see into the cup while it’s being done) * Make sure it is framed rather tightly; we should just be able to see both hands and the cup throughout. * See the video below for examples of camera framing (don’t have to be as tight as some of them; want to see both hands up to the wrists or so). * Don’t need to see face. Don’t need to see you steaming the milk. Just making a heart design in the espresso with a pitcher of steamed milk. * Only send your best take. REPPED ACTORS: Tell your agent you've got the skillz, and we'll send you a Casting Frontier self-tape request, so it will go straight into our session!
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Please do not apply, if you are not local or if you do not fit the description.

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