Commercial Casting Call for a TON of Athletes (Pay is $2,000 + $500/Day)

Fitness Commercial

Fitness Commercial

An upcoming commercial is now casting athletes in Austin, Texas.

Casting directors are now casting athletes for upcoming commercial filming in the Austin, Texas.


Casting directors are looking for amputee athletes, long distance female runners, female weightlifters, female tennis players, male basketball players, dancers and yoga students, and fitness instructors. Talents will be compensated $2,000 and $500 per shoot day.

How to apply:

We are currently casting a commercial which will feature a bunch of athletes. See below for specific types and if you fit any of the descriptions, please submit ASAP. DO NOT SUBMIT UNLESS YOU LIVE IN TX AND ARE ABLE TO ATTEND THE AUDITION (IN AUSTIN) IN PERSON. AMPUTEE ATHLETE: Male or Female 30-50 yrs. Looking for a variety of real athletes who also are amputees. LONG DISTANCE FEMALE RUNNER: Female, 30's Fit and active. Must be able to run hard for a distance. Marathon runner type (actual marathon experience preferred). FEMALE WEIGHT LIFTERS: Female, 20’s/30’s, We are NOT looking for a bodybuilder but someone with a muscular strong build or maybe even a thicker muscular body type. Someone with true weightlifting experience preferred. Must be able to leg press a significant amount of weight for multiple takes. TENNIS FEMALE: Female, 20’s, fit and active. Must be a good tennis player and able to hit a hard serve and rush the net. MALE BASKETBALL PLAYERS: Male, Asian, Teens / early 20’s, Real type or maybe even heavy set. Must be able to shoot a basket ball accurately. MALE AND FEMALE MODERN DANCERS/YOGA STUDENTS: Males and Females, Yoga Students or Modern Dancers, 20’s/40’s, Real people, ranging from heavy to slim. Need to be able to handle some basic yoga skills (Yoga experience a MUST). If anyone has dance experience (modern/ballet) they may be features in an additional solo dance scene. MALE AND FEMALE SWIMMERS: Male and Female, 20’s - 40’s, Must be fit and active. Must be a real swimmer with a good freestyle or backstroke. Must be able to do a flip turn. Must be able to dive in and swim several lengths of the pool. DO NOT SUBMIT IF YOU ARE NOT A CURRENT OR FORMER COMPETITIVE SWIMMER. FEMALE AEROBIC DANCE INSTRUCTOR/FITNESS MARTIAL ARTS CLASS INSTRUCTOR: Females, Aerobic Dancers and Fitness Martial Arts Class - 30’s / 40’s. Real people, ranging from heavy to slim. A real aerobic dance instructor will be necessary. Previous experience a necessity. Also if any of them have karate or martial arts experience that will be important to note as these talent will also be doing martial arts class type set up. TO SUBMIT: Please email [email protected] (please do not submit after Thurs 1/10) Please put the character you are applying for in the subject line. Please include a clear photo (face and full body) please include your full name and city you live in. Also, please tell us a little about your experience doing the sport you are applying for. We need to know that you are truly skilled at your sport. Audition date: Thurs. 1/10 and Fri. 1/11 in Austin, TX by appointment only. Shoot date: Sometime the week of 1/28 (Talent will only be needed for 1 shoot day Rate if booked: $500 for the shoot day and $2,000 for 1 yr usage if talent appears in the final cut of the commercial. If you have a talent agent, please have your agent submit you.

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Please do not apply, if you are not local or if you do not fit the description.

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