Toronto Casting Call: Comedy Teaser Casting Call for Speaking Roles

Black Casting Calls

Black Casting Calls

Comedy teaser casting call in Toronto, Canada.

It's time to cast the four CFC comedy teasers! Shooting locations are in Toronto, with outside shoot dates scheduled for March 4th to 12th, 2023. Union and non-union performers of all ages are welcome to apply. Rates are unpaid according to the CFC/ACTRA Agreement.

The first project is 88 Diner, and they’re looking for a female Asian actor aged 50-70 who can speak Cantonese or Mandarin fluently. This character is no BS and is sharp as a tack; she loves to drink, smoke, and gamble and has an exciting back story that must remain mysterious. Actors with great comedic timing will be preferred for this role.

In Undocumented, actors need to bring life to Trevor’s realist best friend Ernest, a Latino male in his late twenties with sarcastic wit and intelligence. He is cautious due to past experiences but will stand up and fight when necessary. Comedic experience is a plus.

An Ovary Thing requires two actors: Hannah, a mid-30s Black Transgender woman full of confidence thanks to her supportive mother growing up in the Bronx, and Brianna, an early 20s Black female with a strong personality (and even stronger throwing arm!). Actors with an authentic Bronx accent are encouraged but not required. A third actor is also needed—Brianna's lying boyfriend with good physical comedy skills—for Mid-20s Black Male roles only, please!

Finally, there’s Not My Kid searching for an eight or 11-year-old South Asian Female with grown-up qualities for Jasmine—the adorable stuffed rabbit-loving cousin of Devie and Paulo who helps them grow up while being taught how to be a kid herself!

If you have any questions regarding these roles or want more information about filming dates, please get in touch with them now!

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Comedy Teaser Casting Call


We are casting various roles for 4 CFC projects.

Shooting Locations: Toronto

Outside Shoot Dates: March 4th - 12th, 2023

Required for one shoot day + rehearsal

Exact date within the specified window TBD

Rate/Union: Unpaid as per CFC/ACTRA Agreement. The performer may also be required for a 4-hour rehearsal before the shoot (pending availability). Open to Union and Non-Union performers.



SUE - Female. Age 50-70. Asian descent. Native Cantonese/Mandarin speaking required. Dry. Sharp. Sue calls things out for what it is and never apologizes to anyone. She is no BS, vulgar, and a bit mean for the sensitive. She has seen everything. Sue escaped China because she committed a crime she won’t ever discuss. Sue loves to drink, smoke, and gamble. Sue is not her real name. Looking for actors with great comedy chops/timing.


ERNEST - Late 20s, Latino, male. The sarcastic Watson to Trevor’s self-absorbed Sherlock. Trevor’s best friend, roommate, partner in crime (sometimes literally), and the voice of reason most of the time. A realist at heart, he expects the worst (and constantly tells Trevor) but secretly hopes they’ll hit the jackpot someday. Overtly cautious due to his past experiences, he keeps a low profile but will stand up and fight for what’s right when push comes to shove. Comedic experience is a plus.


HANNAH - Mid 30's Black, Transgender woman. Sofia's gorgeous trans sister, assigned male at birth. She’s a social worker who also works at the clinic. Hannah has a tough exterior growing up in the Bronx and finding their identity during the rise of G-Unit misogyny hip hop. Despite her tough exterior, Hannah is a loving and caring individual. She had her mom’s support for gender-affirming procedures to make her the confident, beautiful woman she is today. Yet, she’s low-key jealous of Sofia being their mom’s favorite.

BRIANNA - Early 20s, Black, female. Physically she is on the larger side. Bronx girl who doesn’t trust doctors but will believe almost anything her lying boyfriend says. She trusts Hannah to see a gyno regarding her reproductive health. She has a strong personality and an even stronger throwing arm. Actors with an authentic Bronx accent are a plus but not required.

BOYFRIEND - Mid-20s, Black, Male. He has swag and a good game to romantically blind Brianna. The role requires good physical comedy to shield himself from Brianna’s attack.


JASMINE - 8 or 11 years old, South Asian, Female. Devie’s little cousin. Second-generation South Asian-Canadian. Comparable to Full House or Home Alone, the cute and sophisticated 8-year-old already has more grown-up qualities than Devie and Paulo. On page 60 of her novel, Jasmine is self-disciplined and ambitious. Usually doesn’t throw tantrums (unless she loses her mom's stuffed rabbit); Jasmine helps Devie and Paulo grow up while they teach Jasmine how to be a kid.

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