Comedic Male Monologue: Zach Galifianakis "The Hangover" and The Hangover II" Monologues

Zach Galifianakis was just plain funny in The Hangover series. This is two of the most popular and entertaining monologues from Zach Galifianakis. Film The Hangover Author Jon Lucas Role Alan Garner Actor Zach Galifianakis

I’d like to, I’d like to say something that I’ve prepared tonight. Hello. How ‘bout that ride in? I guess that’s why they call it Sin City. You guys might not know this, but I consider myself a bit of a loner. I tend to think of myself as a one-man wolf pack. But when my sister brought Doug home, I knew he was one of my own. And my wolf pack, it grew by one, so where there two, there were two of us in the wolf pack. I was alone first in the wolf pack and Doug joined in later. And six months ago, when Doug introduced me to you guys, I thought “Wait a second, could it be?” And now I know for sure: I just added two more guys to my wolf pack. The four of us wolves, running around the desert together in Las Vegas, looking for strippers and cocaine. So tonight, I make a toast! Blood brothers!
Film The Hangover Part II Author Todd Phillips Role Alan Garner Actor Zach Galifianakis   None of you know Stu like I do. Not you. Not you. Not you. Not you. Not nobody knows Stu like I do. No one. I can’t even tell you what we’ve been through because we made a pact, more important than blood. What I can tell you is this. This is not Stu’s first marriage. There was a whore in Las Vegas a couple of years ago…

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