Clothing Line Miami Casting Call for a Yacht Scene

Yacht Boat Miami Modeling Job

Yacht Boat Miami Modeling Job

Casting call alert! Join the yacht scene with a clothing line in Miami, FL.

Calling all fashion enthusiasts in Miami! An exciting casting call awaits you, offering a unique opportunity to showcase your style on a luxurious yacht. A renowned clothing company is looking for two fabulous female models to join their upcoming shoot. Whether you rock a slim-thick figure or boast a curvy booty, this casting call invites you to make a splash on the fashion scene. Read on to learn more about this thrilling opportunity!


Date: June 3rd

Call Time: 2:00 PM for 2-4 hours

Location: Miami, FL

Age Range: 18-30 years old

Compensation: $200

Imagine yourself aboard a stunning yacht, with the glistening waters of Miami as your backdrop. This exclusive shoot promises to capture the essence of elegance and sophistication, perfectly reflecting the spirit of the clothing line. Whether you're an aspiring model or passionate about fashion, this is your chance to leave your mark on the industry.

The casting directors are searching for two female models who embody confidence, style, and individuality. While focusing on finding candidates with big booties, they welcome both slim-thick and curvy figures. Regardless of your body type, the clothing line aims to celebrate diversity and beauty in all its forms.

If you're between 18 and 30, this opportunity is tailored just for you. Whether you have prior modeling experience or are eager to kick-start your career, don't hesitate to seize the moment and make a lasting impression.

As a token of appreciation for your time and talent, the selected models will be compensated with $200. Alongside this monetary reward, you'll gain valuable exposure and open doors to further opportunities in the fashion industry.

Miami's vibrant fashion scene beckons you to become part of an unforgettable yacht shoot for a renowned clothing line. If you're an aspiring model or simply a fashion lover who wants to make waves, this casting call is the perfect opportunity for you. Embrace your unique style and join the ranks of the trendsetters.

Mark your calendars for June 3rd and prepare to dazzle the world with your beauty, confidence, and undeniable charisma. Apply today, and who knows where this remarkable journey may lead you in the glamorous realm of fashion!

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Clothing Line Miami Casting Call for a Yacht Scene

Miami casting call for a clothing company shoot! 

This will be shot on a yacht!

Need 2 female models who ideally have big booties thick or slim thick!

Date: June 3rd

Call time: 2 pm for 2-4 hrs

Location: Miami, FL

Age range: 18-30 years old

Compensated $200

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