CL Casting Atlanta Stand-In Casting Call and Casting Call Update

CL Casting recently posted the following Casting Call on their Facebook Page. They are currently seeking stand ins to work on a variety of projects filming in the Atlanta area. For details see the casting information below:

CL Casting Stand-In Casting Call

Seeking Stand-ins to work June through Mid July. If you are avail and fit one of the below stats the please e-mail [email protected] Please put which one you are submitting in the subject box. Ages 18-25

D Male - Caucasian Male 5'11" 160lbs - Light Brown Hair S Male- Caucasian Male 5'10" 160lbs - Med Brown Hair A Male - Asian Male 5'7" 135lbs - Black Hair J Female - Caucasian Female - Drk Brown/Blk hair olive skin tone - 5'7" 115lbs

Casting Call Update

"Let's Be Cops" - [email protected]
TUESDAY - Seeking Attractive & Fun Males and Females for Elite Club Scene Shooting (5/21). Ages 18-45. See below for the proper submission."Necessary Roughness" Season 3 [email protected]
WEDNESDAY - Seeking Military, Cop, or Special Ops Types for 5/23. Seeking both men and women. See below for the proper submission."Untitled Film" - [email protected]
Female 18-21 With GREAT LEGS - Works 6/3 C's Friend (Girl Next Door, Female) - Works June 5th P's Friends (Popular Type, Males) Works 6/10 and 6/24th S's Friends (Popular Type, Females) Works 6/11 & 12th   Hot Cheerleader (please submit photos in cheer uniform, if you have them) - Works 6/3

See below for the proper submission. Looking for 18-21 Year Olds Only @ this time for this film. You MUST be at least 18, and you MUST be available the work dates listed after each character.

"Single Ladies Season 3" [email protected] A Henna Tattoo Artist Model-Like Male with Open Scedule to Portray an on-camera Assistant Also Seeking Fashionistas & Shopaholics

Submission Instructions

Now, allow us to walk you through the perfect background submission email.

Your First AND Last Name: Unless you are Cher or Madonna, please remember to include your full name when you submit (also, the name you prefer to go by - if it's a stage name, please include your legal name as well.)

Your Phone Number: If you have more than one number, please list which number is which (home, cell, office, etc) and which is the best to reach you at.

Your Email Address: Yes, we realize you're submitting your email via your email address, but this just makes things easier for us.

The City and State in which you live: We are an Atlanta-based casting company, so a MAJORITY of the projects we cast for are based within the city. Not being from Atlanta doesn't automatically disqualify you - we just like to know where you're coming from.

Your Age, your Height, and your Weight: Ladies, we know this can be sensitive information, but we swear on pain of death, that we will not share this information with anyone else. This helps us pick the perfect role for you (and it may even snag you a coveted Stand-In position)!!

Gentlemen, please don't forget to include your sizes when you submit. This makes things easier for everyone, especially on projects that require you to have a wardrobe fitting.


Waist & Inseam: Pull out your favorite and best fitting pair of jeans or slacks and look at the label. The waist and inseam should be printed there.


Jacket: (Slim, Regular, Long)



Finally, don't forget to ATTACH 3 pictures of yourself - and just of YOURSELF. These pictures should be recent, taken within the last month, they should be clear and in focus, well lit, and of the highest resolution. If you are submitting for a specific character role, we like to get an idea of what you would look like in character, so get creative and include a picture of yourself playing the role you want to be cast for (ie. Police Officer, Nurse, Street Thug, or a Pirate). Please DO NOT IMBED the photos. They SHOULD NOT be old, out of focus, poorly lit, lower than 300K resolution, or badly edited on Instagram. Submissions without photos WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

See below at Leah's pictures - They are clear and in focus. We love the simple back drop. We don't need them in the card form. We love that she has provided us with ALL of her sizes.

Another note please ATTACH pictures. DO NOT EMBED them. Some of you don't realize you are imbedding them. When you are dragging the pictures from your folder into the e-mail it embeds them. This distorts the image when we recieve.