CBS 'Friend Me' Casting Information

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Friend Me is an upcoming TV comedy series that is based on the real life website coupon service company Groupon. The series was created by Alan Kirschenbaum and Ajay Sahgal and will be broadcasted on CBS. Friend Me follows to young men who move from Indiana to Los Angeles to start their new lives working for the online business Groupon. The show is expected to be premiered as a midseason entry during the 2012 and 2013 TV season. Friend Me will feature Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Nicholas Braun. Friend Me is also produced by  Tannenbaum Company and CBS Studios. Since this is a pilot that has just started filming it will have many opportunities for all aspiring actors.

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 Principal Casting Information Friend Me Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Casting: Marc Hirschfeld, 1149 N. Gower St., Ste. 202, L.A., CA 90038. Image License
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