"CBGB The Movie" Open Casting Call

  The indie film company Unclaimed Freight Productions is gearing up to start shooting the true story film "CBGB The Movie" in Savannah, GA and New York beginning on June 25, 2012. The casting director in Savannah is holding an open casting call seeking people interested in working on the film. They are looking for all types with a focus on music lovers, musicians, motorcyclists, 70′S car owners, & people with a 70′s look. Email submissions are also being accepted. "CBGB The Movie" tells the real-life story of Hilly Kristal who dreamed of having a club on the lower Eastside that catered to Country, Bluegrass and Blues music (thus the name of the club "CBGB"). When he had difficulty booking those genre of bands, he opened his doors to the acts that other venues had rejected. Living on the couch in the back of the club for the first two years, Hilly could barely make ends meet. Nevertheless, he had one demand of the acts he booked - they must agree to perform their own original music. No top 40’s, no covers. The club became known as the starting point for the careers of such punk rock and New Wave acts as The Ramones, Talking Heads, Patti Smith, Television, and Blondie. The film has a great starring cast that includes two "Harry Potter" alumni - Golden Globe winner Alan Rickman as Hilly Kristal, and Rupert Grint as Cheetah Chrome who achieved fame as a guitarist for Rocket From the Tombs and the punk rock band, The Dead Boys. Malin Akerman is playing Debbie Harry of Blondie; Stana Katic portrays Genya Ravan the former lead singer of The Escorts, Goldie & the Gingerbreads, and Ten Wheel Drive. Open Casting Call Information: All types of people are needed. Here are some specific needs: 1970's looks-
  • Music Lovers
  • Musicians
  • Motorcyclists
  • 70's Car Owners
Download the following forms prior to attending the CBGB open casting call or submitting via email Open Casting Call Forms Where? Meddin Studios 2315 Louisville Road Savannah, GA 31415 When? Tuesday June 12, 2012 11:00 Am - 8:00 Pm If you are unable to attend the open casting call in Savannah, Ga
  1.  First download the following form
  2. Then email to [email protected]

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