"Catching Fire Hunger Games" Open Casting Call

The next series of casting calls is being set up for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. That's right if you loved the first Hunger Games, then this is an opportunity you do not want to miss. Sign up for our newsletter to receive all the casting, and audition updates for "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" and other various opportunities. A casting call has been issued in Hawaii for stand-ins for several cast members of "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire". According to sources, Stand-ins are need in Oahu for selected dates. Now until December 22nd, and all positions will be paid. Hollywood  announced that they will be creating a film version of Catching Fire and will be titled The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and is scheduled for release on November 22, 2013. Catching Fire is the sequel to film adaptation of The Hunger Games, with a majority of the filming taken place in the summer of 2012/2013. The film dates where coordinated with Fox, in order to allow Jennifer Lawerence the opportunity to shoot the sequel to X-Men: First Class in 2013. Recently, Gary Ross, the original director of The Hunger Games said he would not return due to the tightness of the filming schedule. Ultimately Francis Lawrence was named as the director for Catching Fire on May 3, 2012. Later in July 2012, Jena Malone was named to portary Johanna Mason, and Philip Seymour Hoff man would play Plutarch Heavensbee, and Amanda Plummer would play Wiress. According to Hawaii News Now, stand-ins must meet the following descriptions. Seeking Stand Ins able to portray the following:

  • FEMALE – 5'1?/100lbs. Caucasian, age range 25-50. Long silver or blonde hair.
  • MALE – 5'7?/145lbs. Caucasian, age range 19-20s. Very light brown/sandy hair.
  • FEMALE – 5'9?/125lbs. Caucasian, age range 19-30. Brown shoulder length hair.
  • MALE – 5'10?/180lbs. African American, age range 30s-50s. Short dark hair.
  • MALE – 5'11?/175lbs. Caucasian, age range 19-20s. Light brown/sandy hair.
One headshot and one full length body photo; include your contact phone numbers; resume; union affiliation. Small jpeg photo files only please. EMAIL SUBMISSIONS TO: [email protected].   Leave Us a Comment Below and let us know why you should be considered for a role or audition for the upcoming Hunger Games 2, Catching Fire!