Casting CallsCasting The Powerful Ensemble For “Protocol-7”

Casting The Powerful Ensemble For “Protocol-7”


LOS ANGELES, CA – Renowned Michael Druck, known for his work with top directors like Richard Linklater and , brings his expert touch to the highly anticipated film Protocol-7. Written by Hollywood heavyweight Terry Rossio and directed by Andrew Wakefield, Druck cast Eric Roberts, Matthew Marsden, and Rachel Whittle in starring roles and rising actress Maya Koshaba in a key supporting role. After its debut premiere in City at the LOOK Cinema on May 31 and at the Spirit Theater in Austin, Texas on June 7, Protocol-7, will premiere at the Laemmle Royal Theatre on June 14 in Los Angeles.

Following the opening events, Protocol-7 will continue to screen in select theaters . However, the cast is particularly excited about sharing the film with the Austin community, considering it was shot locally. “Austin has a particularly rich pool of diverse and talented that I would be proud to put in front of any director,” Druck said. “Protocol-7 was no exception.”

Combining the talents of producers Joey Vasatka and Brian Wendel and the dynamic cast curated by Druck, Protocol-7 promises to be a moving cinematic experience. Druck's keen eye for talent and his hands-on approach brought together a cast that truly brings the story to life. “I'm proud to have cast every single role in this film,” Druck said. “It was incredible to work on a project that gave equal attention to not only actors with established credits like Josh Murray and Harrison Tipping, but to supporting roles who might not be household names. It's not about finding the biggest name or the best agent; it's about who is right for the role.”

Koshaba will be attending the Protocol-7 premieres alongside Druck. A bicoastal talent with several years under her belt in theatre, TV and film, Koshaba adds nuance to the film with her portrayal of School Nurse Rosanna. “Being able to serve this story was an incredible experience,” Koshaba said.

The film will connect with audiences around the world, sharing relatable experiences that have local and global impact. “There's nothing like the of a mother. Many have come forward and express their appreciation of being able to see a representation of the love they have for their kid on-screen,” Druck said. “It's something I'm very proud of, and it's a testament to the actors I work with. This is a very empowering story. ”

About Protocol-7

“Protocol-7” is a 2024 -thriller directed by Andrew Wakefield and written by Terry Rossio. The film centers on Lexi, a small-town lawyer, who faces the severe regression of her adopted son. This personal crisis leads her to uncover and challenge a massive corporate fraud. The movie is inspired by a true whistleblower story, highlighting Lexi's determination to hold a powerful corporation accountable for its actions.

About Michael Druck

Michael Druck is a leading casting director, providing talent for and commercials across the U.S. Based in Texas, Druck has worked with notable directors, including Richard Linklater and Nia DaCosta, and cast roles for major networks like Netflix and Hulu. Druck has also cast over 500 commercials for top companies like Amazon and Coca Cola. Known for his hands-on approach and ability to spot new talent, Druck is a proud member of the Casting Society of America and actively supports Diverse Casting Initiatives and the LGBTQIA+ community.

About Maya Koshaba

Maya Koshaba is a half Hispanic and Middle Eastern American actress with several years of experience in theatre, TV and film. Maya is a Meisner-trained actor who studied in New York and continues to hone her craft. Maya's ethnically ambiguous background paired with life experiences allows her to easily step into various multicultural characters, bringing empathy and authenticity to each role she embodies.

For interviews, press inquiries, or more information about Druck and/or Koshaba, please contact:
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