Casting Call - TV Film “Let The Church Say Amen” (Atlanta)

CastingCall - TV Film “Let The Church Say Amen” (Atlanta)

Still casting experienced actors (AFTRA union) for lead, supporting, and co-star roles (characters breakdown listed below) for a television film “Let The Church Say Amen”. Paid Rate: TBD. Pastor Simon Jackson has given his heart and soul to his church, Zion Hill, but has difficulty shepherding his own family: daughter Rachel, a single mom; son David, who owes $5,000 to drug dealers; and son Jonathan, who appears to be perfect but is struggling just as hard as his siblings to find true direction. CHARACTER BREAKDOWN:
  • [JORDAN CLARK> - Jordan is a bright African American 6 year old boy who is Rachel and Bobby’s son, conceived when they were young teenagers.  He loves to dart into the pulpit and sing impromptu solos in church.  He is bounced between guardians, easily bribed and distracted by gifts from Shante (Bobby’s girlfriend) and wishes his real parents would get back together and take him to Disneyland.  MUST BE ABLE TO SING.  MUST BE HIRED AS A COMPLETE LOCAL, IT’S GREAT IF HE SOUNDS SOUTHERN BUT IT’S NOT REQUIRED.   He has about 7 lines. Must prepare a church song for the audition.  The scripted age of Jordan is 6 so if you have a child that is older BUT CAN PLAY 6, then please submit them.  If a kid in this age range that may not have a huge amount of acting experience but can sing, submit them. 
  • [DEACON JACOBS] - The longtime deacon at Zion Hill Church, he’s a stern, holier-than-thou man 45 - 55 who still nurses a grudge against Rev. Jackson.  Jacobs was up for Jackson’s job many years ago, and the fact that Jackson was promoted over his head still rankles him.  Now, with so many crises erupting in Rev. Jackson’s family, Jacobs is angling to get Jackson removed from his pulpit permanently.  However, when the full congregation votes on the issue, Jacobs learns just how deeply beloved his old rival actually is.
  • [TAWNY] - In her 30’s, she’s an African American EXOTIC DANCER (NO DANCING AND NO SKIMPY CLOTHES IN THIS FILM) some ten years older than her boyfriend David.  Definitely from the wrong side of the tracks, Tawny has never been accepted by David’s family - but as the troubled David later points out, she’s a true-blue friend who helped him get clean and has stuck by him through thick and thin.  By looking at Tawny, we would not necessarily think she’s a stripper.  We may wonder what she does for a living. She’s horrified when David’s gambling debts seem likely to get him killed.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A DANCER FOR THIS ROLE BUT MUST HAVE A NICE BODY AND NICE LEGS.  ** We never see Tawny dance, she does not wear skimpy clothes and only one character alludes to her dancing on a pole.
For consideration, submit to [email protected] with the subject line, “LET THE CHURCH SAY AMEN”. Make sure to also include your name, age, the role you want to audition for, contact info, headshot, and resume (.txt, .doc, .pdf formats only). *** Interviews are done by appointment ONLY. *** LicenseAttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by debaird™